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The race to float tourists to the edge of space is heating up

Are you ready to sip a cocktail on the edge of space? Imagine viewing the curvature of the Earth from an altitude of about 25 miles, without the need for rockets or a space suit. That’s the promise of EOS-X Space, a Spanish company looking to revolutionize the burgeoning space tourism industry. Due to launch […]

Suspect Released One Month Before ‘Hunting’ Tourists on Hawaiian Volcano

A California couple visiting Hawaii have revealed terrifying details of the incident in which a masked gunman stole their car and “traced” them into a volcano. Alex and Justina Lucero were visiting Maui for work and decided to explore the massive active volcano, Haleakala, on June 4, but were forced to run and hide for […]

American tourists, including newlyweds, stuck in Jamaica amid Hurricane Beryl

Some American tourists remain stranded in Jamaica as Hurricane Beryl continues to batter the Caribbean on its way to Mexico. Category 4 hurricane Beryl has been moving through the southeastern Caribbean this week, hitting Jamaica on Wednesday. Newlywed Casey Haley told Fox News Digital that she recently flew to Jamaica to celebrate her honeymoon. She […]

Capri lifts ban on tourists after resolving problems with water supply | Italy

The Italian island of Capri has lifted its ban on tourists after problems with the popular resort’s water supply were resolved. The ban was announced early Saturday morning, forcing several morning ferries leaving from Naples and Sorrento to return to port. But on Saturday evening, the island’s mayor, Paolo Falco, said the ban had been […]

Tourists Banned From Italy’s Capri Over Water Shortage

The ban does not apply to residents and will remain in effect until further notice. Rome, Italy: The Italian island of Capri banned tourists from disembarking on Saturday due to problems with water supplies from the mainland that could dry up the popular resort. The ban, imposed by Capri’s mayor Paolo Falco, forced several ferries […]

Barcelona to ban apartment rentals to tourists in bid to cut housing costs | Spain

The popular Spanish tourist destination of Barcelona has announced that it will ban apartment rentals to tourists by 2028, a surprisingly drastic move to curb skyrocketing housing costs and make the city more liveable for its residents. Barcelona’s leftist mayor, Jaume Corboni, said on Friday that by November 2028, the licences for 10,101 apartments currently […]

Drunk Tourists Behave Like “Tarzan From Jungle” In Polish Town

Krakow has taken steps to address this issue. Krakow: Late at night, downtown Krakow transforms from historic landmarks into a hub of ragtag nights, pub crawls and wild parties. Now, fed up with the mayhem, disgruntled locals are suing Poland’s second-largest city. The lawsuit, filed this month with the backing of dozens of residents, accuses […]