White House highlights fentanyl trafficking in pressing Republicans on border bill

The White House on Wednesday focused on fentanyl trafficking at the U.S. southern border as it urged Republicans to pass a bipartisan border security bill when it comes before the Senate this week. In a memo titled “While President Biden stands with U.S. Border Patrol, Congressional Republicans stand with fentanyl traffickers,” Deputy Press Secretary Andrew […]

‘Democrats are getting rich’: Rep. Banks confronts Biden’s HHS secretary about NGOs profiting from child trafficking

U.S. Representative Jim Banks (R-Ind.) recently spoke out about the Biden administration’s Xavier Becerra, saying that the Biden administration’s open border crisis is making non-governmental organizations reap huge profits from human trafficking, including child smuggling. He confronted the Secretary of Health and Human Services. “Illegal human traffickers make billions of dollars in profits, and Joe […]

Four Hondurans Charged With Trafficking Enough Fentanyl To Kill 1.6 Million People

Four Honduran men living in Washington state tried to sell enough fentanyl on Thursday to an undercover agent posing as wealthy drug customers to kill 1.6 million people, federal prosecutors announced Friday. Elvin Elias Escort, 22, and three alleged co-conspirators supplied several kilograms of fentanyl powder and pills to Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) agents in […]

Brazil’s Top Drug Trafficking Syndicate Gains Foothold in Australia

The First Capital Command (PCC), Brazil’s largest transnational organized crime syndicate and Latin America’s largest drug trafficking organization, has successfully established a foothold in Sydney, Australia, according to a report. published Argentine news agency Infobae reported on Thursday. Infobae reports that, according to information reviewed by the press and reports from the Australian Federal Police […]

WWE COO Brad Blum resigns amid Vince McMahon sex trafficking lawsuit

A WWE executive has reportedly resigned after being identified in a bombshell sex trafficking lawsuit brought against professional wrestling mogul Vince McMahon by a former employee. WWE Chief Operating Officer Brad Blum, who is not named as a defendant in the lawsuit in which McMahon allegedly defecated on the heads of subordinates, has resigned on […]

25 Men Jailed over Rape, Sexual Abuse, and Trafficking of 8 Young Girls

A total of 25 men, mostly of South Asian descent, have been charged with “extremely abhorrent” rape, sexual abuse and trafficking of young girls in the North Kirklees area of ​​West Yorkshire between 1999 and 2012. He was sentenced to 346 years in prison. Operation Tourway, launched in 2015, is an investigation focused on the […]

Woman Pleads Guilty To Trafficking Human Remains Across State Lines

Candace Chapman Scott, a 37-year-old Arkansas native, pleaded guilty Thursday to trafficking human remains across state lines and conspiracy to commit mail fraud, a press release by the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Arkansas reads. Scott was formerly employed at Arkansas Central Mortuary Services, a funeral home, and was indicted April 5th […]