Medivac team of 3 killed in Oklahoma chopper crash identified as NTSB probes tragedy

Authorities on Monday identified the tragic crew of the medical helicopter that crashed unexpectedly in Oklahoma on Saturday night, killing everyone on board. The Air Evac Life Team has identified the team's pilot as Russell Haslam, flight nurse as Adam Tebben, and flight paramedic as Stephen Fitzgerald. in a Facebook post. “Thank you for all […]

British Family Awarded $100 Million In Grand Canyon Helicopter Crash Tragedy

Mr Udall and his wife Ellie Millward, 29, were aboard an Airbus EC130 B4 helicopter. Five years after the Grand Canyon helicopter crash, British families have secured $100 million in compensation from the plane's manufacturer and operator in a successful lawsuit. according to time magazine, a Nevada court ordered the parents of one of the […]

Juan Rodriguez’s family forges on after 1-year-old twins die in hot car tragedy

The plump cheeks and sparkling eyes of the Rodriguez family's lost twins stare out from the pictures on the mantle, past the rows of brightly colored Christmas stockings as the family prepares for their fourth vacation without them. I'm watching over you. But after 1-year-olds Luna and Phoenix were tragically forgotten and killed in their […]

4-Year-Old Killed In Road Rage Tragedy, Police Say

A 4-year-old boy was shot and killed during a road rage incident in Lancaster, California, on Friday night, ABC7 reported. Deputies with the Lancaster Sheriff's Office said the gunman reportedly cut down the father and mother and then began following them across several streets. ABC7. “While being pursued by the suspects, the victim's driver slowed […]

Despite Hostage Tragedy, ‘Nothing Will Stop Us’ from Destroying Hamas

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told a grieving nation Saturday night that the war will continue despite Friday's tragic killing of three Israeli hostages and despite international pressure. “Nothing can stop us” from destroying Hamas, he said. Prime Minister Netanyahu's public appearance comes 24 hours after three Israeli hostages – Alon Shamlis, Samer Talalka and […]

An unseen tragedy of war

The war will end. Eventually, the gunfire becomes silent. But the aftereffects remain on land, in the air, and in the water for years, including odors, shortages, destruction and loss of supplies, essentials, dust, and life, limb, and infrastructure. War is cruel not only to the earth but also to the nature below. The war […]


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