South Korea urges global cooperation for AI development at Seoul summit

South Korean Minister of Science, Technology, Information and Communications Lee Jong-ho expressed the need for global cooperation to make AI development successful. Li said cooperation is essential and he hopes future summits will place more emphasis on cooperation on AI safety mechanisms. The Seoul summit, co-hosted with the UK, addressed concerns such as job security, […]

Germany Urges Caution While France Supports Israel Arrest Warrants

France said it “supports the International Criminal Court” and warned Israel of “strict compliance with international humanitarian law” after the ICC announced it would seek an arrest warrant for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The International Criminal Court (ICC) has announced that it is seeking arrest warrants for several key Israeli figures, including Prime Minister Benjamin […]

Apple slams DOJ antitrust lawsuit alleging smartphone monopoly, urges dismissal

Apple on Tuesday will ask a U.S. judge to dismiss a lawsuit filed in March by the Justice Department and 15 states that accuses the iPhone maker of dominating the smartphone market, harming smaller competitors and jacking up prices. It was announced that. “Apple is not a monopoly and faces intense competition from existing rivals,” […]

EPA warns of increasing cyberattacks on water systems, urges utilities to take immediate action

Cyberattacks on water utilities across the country are becoming increasingly frequent and severe, the Environmental Protection Agency warned Monday, issuing an enforcement alert urging water systems to take immediate action to protect the nation’s drinking water. About 70% of public facilities inspected by federal authorities last year had violations or other anti-trespass standards, the agency […]

Milei Urges Europe to Reject ‘Cancerous’ Socialism at Madrid Populist Rally

Argentina’s President Javier Millay made headlines in Madrid on Sunday when he appealed to Europeans to reject socialism promoted by “global elites” at a rally for his populist party ahead of EU parliamentary elections. Greeted with thunderous applause and a standing ovation from the crowd of about 11,000, Millay, the liberal economist-turned-president famous for vowing […]

Trump urges members to ‘be rebellious and vote’ after accepting NRA endorsement

Former President Trump has called on members of the National Rifle Association (NRA) to “rebel and vote for him” in the 2024 election after accepting support from gun rights groups. President Trump pledged to thousands of attendees at the NRA’s convention in Dallas that he would “stand strong for your rights and freedoms,” and that […]

South Africa Urges UN Court To Order Gaza Ceasefire, Halt Israel’s Rafah Operation

Israel continues to attack Rafah despite ‘explicit warnings’ The Hague: South Africa will ask the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to order Israel to halt its attack on Rafah as part of a lawsuit accusing Israel of genocide against Palestinians, Al Jazeera reported on Thursday. I requested that. South Africa, which filed a lawsuit in […]

Human rights group urges Thai government to halt repatriation of dissidents

Human Rights Watch called on Thailand to stop deporting dissidents to their dangerous home countries for violating international law. The report documents instances in which Thai authorities expel dissidents awaiting resettlement, many of which involve Cambodians. The Thai government is said to have been working with neighboring countries to spy on dissidents. A leading international […]