Press conference detailing Scottie Scheffler’s arrest was complete waste of time

A waste of time. That was how one summarized a Thursday news conference featuring Louisville Mayor Craig Greenberg and Louisville Police Chief Jacqueline Gwynn Villarroel. The trial lasted about 12 minutes, with the mayor and chief refusing to answer any questions. It’s understandable why, to allow for the legal process, but the case involves a […]

‘Waste, fraud, and abuse of taxpayer money’ — NGOs are making massive profits from Biden’s open border crisis: Report

A recent report says non-governmental organizations are reaping huge profits from the Biden administration’s open borders crisis. free press. In particular, NGOs tasked with providing services to unaccompanied minors receive large amounts of taxpayer funding through generous federal grants. The funds have been used by organizations to increase CEO salaries and provide services such as […]

Nuclear waste at center of testy Nevada Senate race

Nevada Republican Senate candidate Sam Brown has come under fire from Democrats for comments he made in 2022 expressing support for the federal government’s plan to store nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain. Nevada lawmakers of both parties have criticized a federal plan to turn an isolated southwestern Nevada mountain, about 90 miles northwest of Las […]

Waste not, want not: How methane biogases can help us reach our climate goals 

The Biden administration is cracking down on methane emissions from oil and gas operations. Officially, they account for 28 percent of U.S. methane emissions; new research It shows that methane leaks are even worse than we thought. But we also need significant reductions in emissions from: Other major methane sources, including agriculture (currently accounting for […]

3 crises we shouldn’t waste 

It seems counterintuitive to be grateful for crises, but they teach us something. They are stress tests that reveal our vulnerabilities.And like the guy said, they rude thing wastefully. There are no shortage of crises to learn about today, but three have reached existential crisis: loss of faith in democracy, civilization’s assault on nature, and […]

Cam Thomas’ historic 41 points go to waste as Nets lose to Knicks

Even Cam Thomas’ historic outburst couldn’t save the Nets from another loss to the rival Knicks. Thomas’ game-high 41 points were the most by a Nets player at the Garden, surpassing Bernard King’s record set on February 24, 1979. He went 4-of-9 from deep and had six assists, but the Nets wasted it. Nets guard […]

These supplements are a waste of time and money

Some diet experts say it may be pointless to mix powders or take pills before a workout. Rob Hobson, a UK-based certified sports nutritionist and author of The Detox Kitchen Bible, says some supplements can give you a boost, while others are a complete waste of time. He said there are also. daily mail. The […]