Judge Calls Recess After Willis Throws Tantrum on Witness Stand

Judge Scott McAfee on Thursday called for a recess after Fulton County Prosecutor Fani Willis threw a tantrum on the witness stand. The break forced the judge to admonish prosecutors and highlighted Mr. Willis’ lack of civility during his testimony. After about an hour of testimony, defense attorneys cross-examining Willis asked prosecutors whether Willis’ boyfriend […]

Authorities investigating threats against witness in Trump’s Mar-a-Lago case

Federal authorities are investigating former President Trump’s online threats against witnesses in the Mar-a-Lago classified documents case. Detail is, Late Wednesday submission The comments come from Special Counsel Jack Smith’s team as part of a broader exchange over evidence in the case. “This exhibit details the threats made on social media against potential government witnesses, […]

Kenneth Eugene Smith witness describes ‘horror show’ execution

The psychiatric adviser to the first man in the United States to be executed with nitrogen gas said prison staff could not hide their shock at the “horror show” unfolding before their eyes. “The shock and surprise on their faces was obvious,” Pastor Jeff Hood told the Post. Hood described the 22-minute death of Kenneth […]

More Than 30 Million Americans Will Witness An Incredible Solar Spectacle In 2024

On April 8, 2024, more than 30 million Americans will witness a massive solar eclipse. An estimated 31 million people in cities and towns from Mexico to Canada will see a total solar eclipse this spring, including people in the central and eastern United States. according to To live science. The most populous U.S. cities […]

Several US states witness sweeping legal changes

A new law in Illinois prohibits police from stopping drivers solely for objects hanging in their rearview mirrors. Several U.S. states, including Minnesota and Colorado, have introduced new gun regulations such as extreme risk protection orders. More than 20 states have raised their minimum wages, with states like Maryland, New Jersey and Connecticut raising their […]


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