Jason Kelce had the best night ever after Chiefs won the Super Bowl

The biggest winner of kansas city chiefsSomeone who doesn’t even play in Kansas City is going to play in another Super Bowl. philadelphia eaglesCenter Jason Kelce. One of the best centers of all time and the big brother of Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, Jason received a lot of attention during the Chiefs’ playoff run, […]

It’s time to admit Russia won the war and stop funding Ukraine

You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but there is no need to worry. Tucker Carlson’s interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin has to rank as one of the most surreal moments in internet history. He was broadcast on X as an opposition journalist sat down with the leader of a country ostensibly […]

Trump likely won the 2020 election after all

According to traditional news networks, social media platforms, various deep state actors, and other corrupt organizations, the 2020 election was the safest and most secure in history, and anyone who questions Joe Biden’s victory should not It is said that he was an eccentric “election denier.” That has been the dominant narrative for the past […]

Election Observers Say Nayib Bukele Won Fairly, but in ‘Unprecedented’ Situation

The Organization of American States (OAS) recognized the results of El Salvador’s recent presidential elections, in which President Nayib Boucle was re-elected for a five-year term, taking particular note of the unprecedented circumstances that made it possible for President Boucle to run for re-election. The OAS also expressed concern about the power the ruling government […]


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