‘Take Our Border Back’ convoy heads to southern states to protest Biden admin’s ‘wide open’ borders

Motorcades of Americans fed up with the Biden administration’s “wide open” border policy are now touring multiple states. Head to the southern states To “shine a light” on the immigration crisis.

Let’s take back our borders“Convoy describes itself as a “coalition of concerned Americans from across the country.”

“This is a lawful and peaceful gathering of concerned Americans,” the group’s January press release said. “The goal is simple: to shine a light on the clear dangers posed by our wide-open southern border.”

The coalition also “demands that all laws of the United States Constitution be immediately upheld” and “calls for immediate action to secure our borders before serious and irreversible consequences befall our nation.” and aims to end drug and human trafficking.

The convoy includes “active and retired law enforcement and military personnel, veterans, elected officials, business owners, ranchers, truck drivers, bikers, the media, and all law-abiding, freedom-loving Americans.” We welcome your participation in the protests.

“All the city, state, and federal politicians who stand firm and unite “We the People” and allow tens of thousands of illegal immigrants, criminals, and known terrorists from abroad into our country. and sends a clear message to immigration enforcement officials that 160 countries around the world enter our country along our southern border every day.” The press release continued.

The group departed from Virginia Beach, Virginia, on Monday morning and stopped in Jacksonville, Florida, that night, according to the group’s website. On Tuesday, the group will leave for Baton Rouge, Louisiana, before heading to Dripping Springs, Texas. After hosting a pep rally in Dripping Springs on Thursday, the flotilla will head to Eagle Pass, Texas, and Yuma, Arizona. The group also plans to host rallies in Yuma, Eagle Pass and San Ysidro, California.

President Biden, a Democrat, told reporters Tuesday that “we’ve done everything we can” on the crisis at the southern border.

“Give me the authority. Give me border security. Give me the people. Give me the judges. Give me the people who can stop this and make it work properly,” he added. .

In December, more damage occurred on the southern border. Meeting 302,000 immigrantsAccording to customs and border security report. From October to December, there were over 785,000 encounters.

Last week, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton denied the Biden administration’s request to allow federal agents into the Eagle Pass border park, Blaze News previously reported.

“As I have stated previously, my office will continue to defend Texas’ efforts to secure its southern border from any efforts by the Biden administration to violate the state’s constitutional right to self-defense,” Paxton said. .

“Your request is hereby denied,” he told the Biden administration.

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