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Texas Man Killed, Wife Injured After Being Electrocuted in Mexican Jacuzzi

A Texas man died and his wife was injured after being electrocuted in a hot tub at a resort in Puerto Penasco, Mexico, on Tuesday evening.

The Sonora state attorney general’s office announced the incident on social media and said the couple were in shock, NBC News reported. report Wednesday.

El Paso residents Jorge Guillen, 43, and Lizette Zambrano, 35, were the victims of the horrific accident at a resort in Puerto Rico.

Contributor Viral Hub upon Wednesday, June 12, 2024

This couple from El Paso Identified The two were Jorge Guillen, 43, and Lizette Zambrano, 35. The incident happened at Sonoran Sea Resort. Daily Mail.

The media continues:

Jorge died of electrocution, and according to Mexican media outlet Norte Digital, his wife Lizette was taken to a US hospital on the border but remains in critical condition.

Authorities are still investigating the exact details of the accident, but it is believed an electrical current was passed through the bathtub while a customer was using it.

According to the Sonora state prosecutor’s office, witnesses first noticed the couple not moving in the jacuzzi.

The witness tried to go into the water to try and help the pair, but she was also in shock.

of Post The article noted that Guillen and Zambrano are dual Mexican-American citizens.

Video footage show The moment he appears to have been electrocuted, ABC 6 reported, as footage showed a screaming crowd gathered around a large hot tub near the beach and pool.

At one point, what appears to be a body is seen floating in the water while people administer CPR to another person who has been pulled from the jacuzzi.

Authorities are still investigating the incident and authorities will carry out a forensic analysis to “determine the cause of the electrical system failure,” the media outlet said.

In a social media post on Thursday, a Facebook user named Samuel Bradshaw wrote: Expressed His grief over the loss:

My little brother’s best friend since grade school and a lifelong family friend was murdered yesterday in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico. Sadly, he [sic] He and his wife were on vacation when they were electrocuted in a jacuzzi. Luckily his wife survived, but we lost not only a friend but a comrade in arms.

I am truly saddened right now. My brother’s best friend since elementary school and a lifelong family friend…

Contributor Samuel Bradshaw upon Wednesday, June 12, 2024

“Jorge followed me and my brothers. [sic] “He enlisted not only in the Army but also in the infantry, where he would definitely see combat, and he did! I was lucky enough to meet him just two weeks ago and take this photo. I love you, Jorge Guillén, brother. Until Valhalla,” he concluded.