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Texas woman allegedly tried to drown 3-year-old Palestinian girl at apartment complex pool

Police say an intoxicated Texas woman allegedly yelled racist slurs before trying to drown an unknown 3-year-old Palestinian girl in an apartment complex’s swimming pool.

Elizabeth Wolf, 42, was arrested and charged with numerous charges, including attempted murder, following a violent incident last month at a pool in the Dallas suburb of Euless. Kesat report.

Wolf, who witnesses said appeared to be “highly intoxicated,” is accused of approaching the girl’s mother, who was wearing a hijab, by the pool and questioning her about where she was from.

Wolf, 42, is charged with attempted murder and other offences. Euless Police Department

He then jumped into the shallow end of the pool where the girl and her 6-year-old brother were playing and tried to grab them, police said.

The boy managed to escape, but Wolfe allegedly dragged her to deeper water and began submerging her head underwater.

Police said the girl’s mother and another passerby quickly jumped into the pool and were able to rescue the drooling girl.

Both children were later pronounced safe by medical staff at the scene.

“We are American citizens of Palestinian origin. We don’t know where we can be safe with our children. My country is facing war and we are facing hatred here,” the mother, who gave only her name as Ms. H., said after the incident.

Wolf, who witnesses said was “highly intoxicated,” is accused of drowning the girl in the water after a confrontation with her mother, who was wearing a hijab. care

“My daughter is traumatized. Every time I open the door to our apartment she runs and hides, scared that the woman will come and put her head under water again.”

Wolf, who was arrested by officers as he tried to flee the scene, was released on bail the day after the incident on May 18.

The Texas chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations has since called on state and federal authorities to investigate the incident as a hate crime.

Both children were later pronounced safe by medical staff at the scene. South Korea

“Here, prejudice reaches a new level as some people deeply believe they have the right to decide which children deserve to continue living and which don’t, based on their religion, the language they speak or the country they come from,” Shaimah Zayan, operations manager for CAIR Austin, said in a statement.

“We were shocked to learn that the perpetrator was released on bail the day after his arrest. We call for a hate crimes investigation, increased bail amounts, and open dialogue with officials to address this alarming rise in Islamophobia, anti-Arab and anti-Palestinian sentiment.”