The judges who threw Trump a lifeline are the kind of people he usually loves to hate

On March 25, five appellate judges of the New York State Supreme Court ruled that Donald Trump: life line. On the final day of President Trump’s $454 million bail in civil fraud case, where he risks asset seizure by New York Attorney General Letitia James, the justices in a unanimous decision set his bail at $100 million. It reduced the amount to $75 million and granted the former president bail in 10 more cases. He extended the payment deadline by several days and suspended a judgment that would prohibit him from serving as an officer or director of a business in New York for three years.

The committee’s action was unusual.according to Expert, judges are almost always inherently unwilling to allow the loser of a case to provide a loan to cover fines while an appeal is pending. Bond agency owner Neil Pederson remembers this happening no more than a dozen times in his 30 years. Eric Snyder, the chairman of the company that enforces bond payments, knows of no comparable ruling.

President Trump: “We have great value and respect for the Appellate Division” declaredand partisan Democrats who call Attorney General James and Judge Arthur Engoron, who presided over his civil fraud trial, “totally crooked” and champions of the Biden administration’s witch hunt whose sole purpose is to bring it down. accused of being. On April 1, Knight Specialty Insurance, known for providing subprime auto loans to buyers with poor credit ratings, secured a bond with $175 million in cash.

President Trump did not mention that all five of New York’s appellate judges were appointed by Democratic governors. The former president also said nothing about their racial or ethnic backgrounds.

Trump is worth remembering declared In 2016, Judge Gonzalo Curiel said he “hated Donald Trump” as he allowed a class action lawsuit against Trump University to proceed. President Trump asked Curiel, an Indiana native, to recuse himself from a lawsuit related to his southern border wall because “he’s Mexican… a member of society, very pro-Mexican.” demanded.

Trump too To tell Judge Juan Marchan, the presiding judge in the Stormy Daniels hush money fraud case, says, “He hates me.” As a reminder that Mr. Merchan, who was born in Bogota, Colombia, is one of “them,” Trump called the Manhattan “hand-picked” judge by his full name: “Juan Manuel Merchan.” District Attorney Alvin Bragg, Democrat.

playing cards wish Immigration from “shithole countries” has decreased, and immigration from Norway has increased.he maintain Illegal immigrants are coming from prisons and psychiatric hospitals and are “contaminating the blood of our country,” he said.

Let’s take a closer look at the background of the judge who gave President Trump an 11th-hour reprieve. This counters President Trump’s endlessly repeated claims about the Democratic Party and the full participation of people who don’t look like “us” in a “weaponized” system. of Justice.

Justice, a lifelong Bronx resident. Diane Renwick She is the first African-American woman to serve as the presiding judge of the Appellate Division of New York. She is the founding chair of the department’s anti-bias committee.

justice lisbeth gonzalezAn exchange student at the University of Puerto Rico while an undergraduate at the State University of New York at Stony Brook, she has served as legal director of the American Indian Law Alliance and president of the Hispanic Heritage Judges Association.

Born in India, Anil Singh He is the first person of South Asian descent to serve on the New York State Court of Appeals. Rolando Acosta, a former colleague on the court, believes Singh’s experience gave him a deeper understanding of the importance of democratic institutions.

justice Bahati Pit Bark Born in Guyana and raised in the Bronx. A former trial attorney with the Legal Aid Society, she has served as president of the Bronx County Black Bar Association, chair of the Gender Bias and Gender Equity Committee, and member of the Latino Judges Association.

Before she was appointed as an appellate judge, kelly o’neil levy She worked in family court and the Harlem Community Justice Center. Her mother, Joan O’Dwyer, was America’s first female judge. queensher father, John P. O’Neill, a firefighter, died when Kelly was 12 years old. Judge O’Neill is President of the Irish American Bar Association.

Chances are, none of these judges voted for Donald Trump. They may or may not hate him. In any case, they made a decision based on their own assessment of the facts and law that averted disaster for the former president and his business.

Meanwhile, in other courtrooms, prosecutors and judges (some, but not all “woke” Democrats) are also fulfilling their professional duties. They are evaluating, or will evaluate, overwhelming evidence that Mr. Trump and his lieutenants violated civil and criminal laws. President Trump’s sole purpose in alleging that these officials are involved in a partisan conspiracy to oust him is to delegitimize them, discredit their evidence, and gain his own reputation. It is escaping responsibility for one’s actions.

Americans should realize that people who are charged and convicted are almost always guilty, despite the representation of the best lawyers money can buy. Donald J. Trump seems to be one of them.

Glenn C. Altshuler is the Thomas and Dorothy Litwin Professor Emeritus of American Studies at Cornell University.

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