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The Lib Dems’ surprising strategy to breach the blue wall – podcast | News

At the start of the 2024 election campaign, the Liberal Democrats’ strategy seemed to involve Ed Davey performing a number of eye-catching stunts, from paddleboarding to taking on an aquatic obstacle course, followed by heartwarming videos about the leader’s life, first as a parent and then as a carer for his young son, and highlighting the Liberal Democrats’ social welfare policies. But while these moments may have struck a chord with voters, the party is also relying on something else to bolster its chances: strategic voting.

Senior political reporter at the Guardian Peter Walkercampaigned with the party and was shocked to see it weaponise disillusionment with the Conservatives as a way to encourage voters who preferred other parties to vote for the Liberal Democrats, a surer way of excluding Conservative MPs.

Michael Safi We hear why strategic voting is growing in popularity, what its benefits and risks are, and why it may not help the Liberal Democrats and Greens (Reform UK) win seats.

Photo: Leon Neal/Getty Images

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