The Proliferation of ‘Disinformation’ Media and A.I. Puts More Bricks in the Wall 

Sometimes small things reveal big realities. false information, It has been variously defined as everything from “foreign propaganda” to “conservative beliefs.” We are reminded that they are always putting another brick in the wall.

For example, this recent item: tv news staff: “Ahead of the 2024 presidential election, Scripps News is launching a six-person Disinformation Desk to investigate misinformation and the sources that may be responsible for its spread.”

But wait a minute here! Isn’t the entire media industry shrinking? So yes, there are a lot of layoffs. So why is Scripps suddenly hiring six people now?

Scripps is a time-honored name in the news world. Founded in 1878, the company grew into a formidable newspaper chain. For example, this was the home of Ernie Pyle, a popular columnist who covered World War II from the front lines and reported on the following articles: 700 newspapers Go home. [InApril1945PylewaskilledinOkinawaThefollowingyearhewasimmortalizedbyBurgessMeredithinaHollywoodfilm[1945年4月、パイルは沖縄で殺害された。翌年、彼はハリウッド映画でバージェス・メレディスによって不滅の名を残されました。GI Joe’s story.


But since then, newspaper companies have been in trouble. SCrips sold its stake in the faded print in 2014. focus on On TV, of course It’s also fading. So, are we going to hire six people to work on countering disinformation? We might ask: Where does the money come from?

One of the sources is the Foundation. It is true that the media business is shrinking, but the stock market is booming. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is four times what it was a quarter of a century ago, and other indexes are up even more. So even if the media business type You’re dead, Media. charity model As long as the old money tied to philanthropic investments does well and there’s an interest in helping the media, it’s fine.

So here’s what you do: Scripps Howard FoundationSome of the old money dating back nearly 150 years is still there. It should come as no surprise that it’s a liberal outfit that emphasizes DEI. Awarding of grants About diversity and funding liberal green journalism project.

But perhaps the hottest area for progressives these days is the fight against the dreaded “disinformation,” the enemy of liberal truth. According to 2022 heading from disinformation week“The beat of disinformation is on the rise in American newsrooms.” As if on cue, that same year, the Scripps Howard Foundation $3.8 million To “disarm disinformation.”

So let’s talk about the just-announced Scripps News Disinformation Project. Liz Landers. who is she? according to her Wikipedia While attending college in Massachusetts, she interned for a Democratic state representative, according to the page. Then she freelanced some articles daily beast and worked for CNN and Vice News, the latter of which, like many portals, recently went bankrupt. But now she’s back to work in time for the 2024 elections.

In other words, even if media resources are scarcer than they once were, fourth estate Reinforced from the foundation.

Oh, and they also have support from Big Tech. The Foundation and Tech Road collaborate, powerful financial cocktail For journalism, including the latest technological tools: Artificial Intelligence (AI).

In Breitbart News in January, the author headlined “Hey Siri: How is the next generation of media bias built into AI?” Importantly, leftist journalism is being co-opted and reinforced by leftist AI. In February, I added an article with the headline, “If Joe Biden doesn’t win in 2024, AI might win in his place.”

Both journalists and AI are supported by a cluster of quasi-journalistic “centers” to combat disinformation. Most are foundation-funded nonprofit organizations, often affiliated with universities (interns are free!).

But exactly how many such centers are there? In search of answers, I turned to AI. This is yet another lesson about media bias and how AI is breaking down its walls.

Keeping in mind that Google’s Gemini AI is hilariously woke, I thought I’d try another AI program. So, I went there on April 18th. microsoft copilotbills itself as “your everyday AI companion.” I asked my new friend: question: “How many disinformation groups are there in the United States?”

The answer I got is:

The spread of misinformation online is a significant problem in the United States and around the world. Various groups actively contribute to the spread of disinformation. Here are some examples…

Screenshot of Microsoft Copilot’s answer to the question, “How many disinformation groups are there in the United States?”

He then cited two examples of organizations he accused of “spreading disinformation,” the first of which was the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).
Hmm. you will notice that We didn’t ask the AI ​​what groups it thinks about. stir up Disinformation; instead, I asked it to numerically quantify the groups it thinks. battle Disinformation. But perhaps the program just wanted to slap a toxic label on an organization it hates. (Every progressive human programmer should feel proud somewhere.)

ALEC was founded in 1973, explain itself “America’s largest nonpartisan, voluntary membership organization of state legislators dedicated to the principles of limited government, free markets, and federalism.” So, yeah, if you think about it, it’s easy to see why the left, human or digital, would see ALEC as a problem and try to stigmatize it with the “d” word. ”

Microsoft’s response went on to claim that ALEC “has been criticized for sowing doubt about climate change and undermining trust in democracy.” At this point, staunch progressives may be thinking: that Too bad, I might have to do something. Attention ALEC: Check your IRS status.

The next “example” of disinformation cited by the co-pilot was “major fossil fuel companies and their lobbying groups,” specifically the American Petroleum Institute (API). First Officer Quart: “They are working hard to cast doubt on climate change, which can have a negative impact on public understanding and trust in the democratic process.”

Here we see an escalation of intellectual rhetoric using AI from a more general mainstream media bias. According to my AI friend, qAsking questions “Settled science” not only undermines liberal movements; Democracy itself.

I was following the First Officer on how many disinformation groups there are, and the First Officer ended up going from the U.S. State Department’s Global Engagement Center to the Department of Justice, Department of Homeland Security, and the Department of Treasury. , the co-pilot began listing the groups he supported. Office of the Director of National Intelligence. You’ll notice that the first officer dutifully identifies the federal government as the ultimate source of truth.

But beyond the federal government, the co-pilot also pointed to other authorities. For example, the first officer told me, “The Alliance to Defend Disinformation, supported by the Media Democracy Fund, is made up of more than 200 grassroots organizations that fight disinformation, especially in Black communities.” You can read more about the Disinfo Defense League, a “cross-cutting network of organizations.” here. And speaking of his benefactor, Media Democracy Funddonated more than $50 million. And this time, new venture fundreports that “more than half of the 50 largest grantmaking foundations in the United States fund projects sponsored by New Venture Funds, including eight of the top 10.”

I understand. All the technology and all the money is building walls of progressive orthodoxy about what is true and what is not. And now, using some of that funding, Scripps News is adding new bricks.