Tom Thibodeau loses it on refs after brutal Jalen Brunson foul

Tom Thibodeau was a Knicks fan after that game.

The Knicks coach was furious and yelled insults at the referees when it appeared there was no time left and a timeout had been granted, despite New York’s desperate attempts to call one.

Instead, the Knicks lost 105-103 to the Rockets in Houston on Monday night.

The chaos began when Jalen Brunson was called for a questionable foul while trying to block Aaron Holiday’s 3-point shot with 0.3 seconds left.

Holiday knocked down the first two free throws, but intentionally missed the third shot to restart the clock and end the game.

However, as soon as the Knicks took possession of the ball, they called a timeout, despite questions about whether the clock should have started and whether there was still time left.

The umpires went to talk, but Thibodeau began structuring the play while the umpire checked his watch.

Knicks coach Tom Thibodeau was furious with the officiating following the bizarre ending of his team’s loss to the Rockets on Monday. MSG

The Knicks coach was thinking about something when he was told the game was over.

As Kool & the Gang’s “Celebration” began playing over the PA system, Thibodeau yelled at the direction of one of the officials.

The referees never seemed to approve of Thibodeau’s rant and walked off the court.

After the game, Thibodeau said of the play, “You saw it.” “If you watch the movie, you’ll understand. That’s reality.”

Brunson scored the tying goal and committed a controversial foul on Holiday moments later, but was equally furious and tried to go at referee Jaysyn Goble.

“The umpires’ opinion — and this is what I generally feel — is that they don’t really care how close the game is,” Thibodeau said after the loss. “You can call it tight, you can call it loose, but I want the consistency to be the same. They have a job. They have to control and manage the game. They have to use their own judgment because that’s their first responsibility, and I respect that.”

Umpires walked past an irate Knicks coach, Tom Thibodeau, on Monday after his team’s bizarre loss to the Rockets. MSG

The Knicks’ loss was their third in a row, and was especially shocking considering how it ended.

Mr. Thibodeau and Mr. Branson were not alone in their outrage at how things turned out.

Ben Stiller, a well-known Knicks fan, commented on social media shortly after the game became final.

“You. I can’t. Phone. That. What a terrible host.” Mr. Stiller wrote to X.

On February 12, 2024, Jalen Brunson was called for a foul in the final seconds of the Knicks’ loss to the Rockets. screen grab

The Knicks have one final game before the NBA All-Star break.

They will play the Magic in Orlando on Valentine’s Day.



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