Trump’s polling lead continues, left’s ‘Biden-copium’ grows

Despite Joe Biden’s abysmal performance in the polls, a steady stream of geriatric gaffes, and an inability to adequately respond to any emergency — much less the American people — the left remains He is in a position to defend Biden.

Host of “Stu Does America.” Stu Bruguierecalls this the “Biden Copium” of the left, and a recent New York Times op-ed by Ezra Klein perfectly illustrates his words.

This article details a series of different liberal theories about why Joe Biden is losing and what to do about it. Although Klein himself is a liberal, he finds that Stu agrees with his views on these liberal theories.

The first theory is that “polls are wrong,” and Klein says it’s wrong not because polls are wrong, but because polls are biased.

“The reason the polls were wrong in the recent presidential election is because the polls were biased toward Democrats. Trump was stronger than the polls predicted in 2016 and 2020. But that may mean Trump is stronger, not weaker, than he appears.”

“This is completely accurate,” Stu comments. “Generally speaking, polls are relatively accurate, and the reason I’m saying this specifically is because there are things that polls aren’t accurate about. They’re never accurate. I It’s not accurate because it’s not designed to tell us exactly what we want to know.”

Stu believes that he does not agree with the following theory at all. It’s essentially the media being too kind to Donald Trump.

“If you’re worried that Joe Biden is going to win, I don’t think it’s the mainstream media’s fault. They’re doing everything in their power to make this happen. The real question is, is that enough at this point? Or not,” Stu says.

Stu believes the most “stupid” of these theories is the third: “It’s a bad time to be an incumbent.”

“Polls do not show an anti-incumbent president mood. They show an anti-Biden mood,” Klein wrote.

“Yeah, look. Incumbency is your most powerful weapon. The only reason this is close is because Joe Biden is the incumbent,” Stu says.