Tyreek Hill Blasts The Dolphins Fan Base For Wanting To Trade Jaylen Waddle

Wait … my fellow Dolphins fans are saying what?!

Miami Dolphins superstar wide receiver Tyreek Hill took to social media Wednesday to call out the Phins fan base, because apparently, there’s been a few fans calling for the team to trade our other superstar wide receiver Jaylen Waddle.

To which I respond: Who the hell is saying that, and why?

This is honestly the first time that I’ve heard anything like this as a Dolphins fan myself, and if it’s true, why on earth would anybody think it’s a good idea to trade Jaylen? To improve the team? Jaylen friggin’ Waddle?

Nah, I’m good. (RELATED: The American Sports Betting Industry Pulled In A Whopping $10.9 Billion In 2023, 45% Increase From Previous Year)

And that’s exactly where Tyreek is at, labeling Waddle as “the future.”

This whole thing sparked up because of former Miami Dolphins general manager and current ESPN hack Mike Tannebaum (because, of course, it was Tannenbaum) running his mouth on “Get Up” about how the Dolphins should trade Waddle to the Kansas City Chiefs for cornerback Trent McDuffie.

LMAO … and this is exactly why Tannebaum was fired from the Dolphins. Sure, let’s send Waddle to the Chiefs where he’ll become an even bigger superstar and win three or four Super Bowl rings with Patrick Mahomes. What a joke.

Well, the Miami Herald’s Barry Jackson (who covers the Dolphins) wrote a column about what Tannenbaum said, and as expected, it riled up the Dolphins fan base. And apparently some fans were defending a move like that?

I don’t blame Tyreek for getting irritated and shooting off a metaphorical bullet … what an asinine opinion.



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