Ukraine war briefing: anti-Putin forces behind raids into Russia speak out | Ukraine

  • In the United States, Republican Rep. Ken Buck became Became the first member of the party to sign an expulsion petition to force a vote on the Ukraine aid bill. Buck is retiring, but his signature remains valid even after his retirement. He appeared on Thursday as the 188th signee. Of the 218 needed for a Democratic petition to override House Speaker Mike Johnson, who is blocking the bill, Dedicates about $60 billion to Ukraine’s defense against Russian aggression.

  • of international monetary fund Confirmed that payment will be made $880 million to Ukraine This is the third phase of a $15.6 billion aid package to support Ukraine’s war-torn economy.

  • At yesterday’s Brussels summit, EU leaders agreed in principle on the following: Requisitioning most of the profits from frozen Russian assets and giving them to Ukraine – Approximately 3 billion euros this year. The first transfer will probably be in July. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen also announced that the EU is considering raising tariffs on Russian grain, including stolen grain from Ukraine, that enters the EU market.

  • The Brussels summit came as Ukraine’s capital Kiev grapples with the issue. Aftermath of a large-scale missile attack. Russia fired more than 30 missiles toward Kiev early Thursday. The Ukrainian Air Force announced that they had all been shot down. Nevertheless, 17 people were injured by falling debris in the city and surrounding areas. Later, an airstrike also occurred in the southern city of Mykolaiv, killing one woman and injuring six others, Ukrainian emergency services announced.

  • union of Russians fighting for Ukraine vowed to continue cross-border raids into Russia. Anti-Putin fighters held a press conference in Kiev after carrying out armed attacks in the border regions of Russia’s Belgorod and Kursk regions. “It is no exaggeration to say that we have begun full-scale military operations in enemy territory and opened a second front,” he said. Denis Nikitin, leader of the Russian Volunteer Forces (RDK), one of the groups involved. An avowed nationalist affectionately known as “White Rex,” The connection between the far right and football hooliganism.

  • RDK is Russian Free Corpshas a more moderate conservative agenda and says it is trying to recruit supporters of late opposition leader Alexei Navalny. They also fight alongside recently created ones. siberian battalionmade up of members of local ethnic minorities and left-wing activists.

  • Nikitin and his allies claim the attack forced Russia to divert troops from the front lines to protect border areas and blocked a planned advance to coincide with Russia’s elections. Last summer, the RDK and the Russian Free Corps jointly entered Russia’s Bryansk region on foot.According to them, the latest strategy is It is much more serious and is supported by Ukraine, which provides reconnaissance support and ammunition..Nikitin admitted that they are ‘Not strong enough’ to occupy territory in the long term. “We are not at the stage of capturing and holding district centers and towns.”

  • NATO Military Committee Chairman Rob Bauer visited Kyiv on Thursday and said the allies should: No need to be too pessimistic about Ukraine’s ability to repel Russian forces He called for critical aid to be delivered quickly. Bauer led the First official visit to Kyiv by a NATO military delegation since the February 2022 invasion. “time of ukraine It is not measured in days, weeks, or months. It’s measured in human lives,” Bauer said.Bauer too Meeting with the Supreme Commander of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Colonel Oleksandr Shirushkyi, He said ammunition supplies and air defense were discussed.

  • The EU and its allies are considering measures, including further sanctions, to address the issue. Exporting goods from China that could help the Russian militarysaid EU sanctions coordinator David O’Sullivan. “We believe China is increasingly looking to Hong Kong as a source for these products. We also see Western manufacturing sites in Southeast Asia as sources,” he said.

  • The Russian Ministry of Defense claimed on Thursday: Capturing the village of Tonenke in eastern Ukraineabout 10 kilometers from the city of Avdiivka, which fell to Russian forces in February.

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