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United Airlines passengers mysteriously fall ill on flight after disembarking cruise ship

After disembarking from a cruise ship, dozens of travelers fell ill with unknown symptoms on a United Airlines flight to Texas.

The flight from Vancouver, British Columbia, arrived at Houston’s Bush Airport around 6:20 p.m. on Friday with about 30 passengers feeling ill. According to ABC 13.

The 75-person travel group had been on a cruise ship prior to the flight, with around 30 passengers reporting feeling unwell, with flu-like symptoms and nausea.

Dozens of United Airlines passengers fell ill after boarding a flight following a cruise. Reuters

It was not immediately clear which cruise line the passengers were traveling on, and United Airlines did not respond to The Washington Post’s request for comment.

Houston Fire Department paramedics met the plane as it landed and examined the three passengers, but none required hospital treatment.

There were 163 passengers and six crew members on board the plane. According to Fox 26.

United Airlines said in a statement that the plane will be thoroughly cleaned before returning to service.

“Several passengers who were on the same cruise who became ill were aboard United Airlines Flight 1528 travelling from Vancouver to Houston tonight,” the airline said in a statement.

Sick person on an airplane
United Airlines said in a statement that the plane was thoroughly cleaned after Friday’s flight. Oguzhan Darsun – stock.adobe.com

“United Airlines is actively working with health authorities to address this situation. As a precautionary measure, the aircraft has been grounded and will undergo a deep cleaning before resuming service.”

“Ensuring the health and safety of our passengers and crew remains our top priority,” the airline added.