University of Idaho volleyball coach, Chris Gonzalez, accused of abusing players

Throughout a season that ended in just one win, University of Idaho women's volleyball players faced physical and emotional abuse, bullying, and body shaming for wanting their bodies to be “the way they should be.” He accused the head coach.

Thirteen players at the university filed an 11-page complaint detailing alleged abuse by head coach Chris Gonzalez in 2022 and 2023. According to the Idaho News.

Gonzalez and his coaching staff face accusations of harassment, intimidation and discrimination, as well as being accused of endangering players by driving more than 30 miles per hour over the speed limit and looking away from the road.

Gonzalez, a California native and Iowa State graduate, was brought in to coach the Vandals before the 2022 season, but has only won five games since taking over the program.

The complaint alleges that the coaching staff created a bullying environment that undermined the players' health, resulting in poor grades in class and one player being labeled as a “suicide red flag.”

“Coach Gonzalez and his staff perpetuate a culture of harassment, bullying, and disrespect through a number of abusive behaviors.” It was obtained by KLEW. “Many girls are now experiencing a significant decline in their mental and physical health.”

Student-athletes also blamed the coaches' actions for the Vandals finishing the 2023 season with a 1-27 record.

Chris Gonzalez was named head coach of the University of Idaho volleyball team in 2022, but has won only five games since taking the job. University of Idaho Athletics Department

Gonzalez's alleged treatment was quickly noticed by one of the program's new members during the first practice of the season in August.

“The way he was talking to the girls. The way he was trying to instill complete and utter control through fear was unlike anything I had ever experienced before.” University of Alaska Anchorage Emma Patterson, who transferred from the school, told the magazine.

Another Idaho player, Travell Morris, told the Orange County Register For the 2022 practice failure, Gonzalez allegedly “physically pushed a player” during practice.

“He literally told her to move and then he pushed her and she fell to the floor,” Morris claimed to the outlet. “He said, 'Move!'” And he just pushed her, like he had completely pushed her down. He pushed her quite aggressively. ”

Thirteen student-athletes have accused Gonzalez and his coaching staff of physical, mental, verbal and emotional abuse over the past two seasons. Facebook.

Patterson also admitted that the players had been told not to eat the food because they were “overweight”.

The complaint alleges that Gonzalez removed a player from the field roster after he ate a calzone while on the road.

“He tried to withhold food and didn't feed his players properly because in his head we weren't lean enough. The team, like he said, was like a linebacker. It was built on and drove the girls to the ground,” Patterson said.

The letter listed comments that appeared to be about the athlete's appearance, such as “he has a heavy lower body,'' “he has a linebacker-like build and has too much mass,'' and “his body should look like this.''

Hernandez was accused of showing “obvious favoritism” toward international students because he “doesn't have to worry about their level of engagement or discipline.”

Gonzalez is accused of grabbing players in a manner that made them uncomfortable during practice.

“Gonzalez, without the girls' consent, also grabbed them by the waist or hips and lifted them into the air to perform blocking drills.” Even if you say it, the girl will feel violated/uncomfortable.

The letter also accused Gonzalez of tracking student-athletes' sleep using the OURA Ring, a smart device used to track sleep patterns, which “violated athletes' privacy. “There is a possibility that personal medical and physical data may be leaked without consent.”

The letter also states that athletic director Terry Gawlik and the former head trainer were informed, but after an October meeting, “there was a sense of disregard for our situation,” and the school announced that the He claims that he was notified of the abuse.

“AD Gaulik was shown a document last season containing statements from Gonzalez's past players, but he refused to read it,” the complaint says, adding that the players had torn players apart and replaced him. He accused Gauric of interrogating him.

Emily Patterson, a junior transfer who joined the team in August, said the coaching staff organization humiliated some players. KLEWTV

The school has launched an investigation into the allegations regarding Gonzalez and his coaching staff.

“There is no clear date for the investigation to be completed. Investigators have contacted dozens of people for questioning and are working quickly,” said Jodi Walker, executive director of communications at the University of Idaho. said in a statement to

“We are committed to a timely, fair and thorough investigation. Meanwhile, our student-athletes [have] There are a variety of support services available to help you through this difficult time. ”



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