US destroys Houthi missile in third straight day of strikes, while terror group warns of retaliation

The United States on Sunday targeted Iranian-backed terrorists for the third day in a row, destroying a Houthi missile that posed an “immediate threat” to a naval ship in the Red Sea — as the extremist group vows revenge.

“The military conducted a self-defense attack against a Houthi anti-ship cruise missile that was preparing to launch against a ship in the Red Sea,” U.S. Central Command said in an early morning tweet.

Central Command said the 4 a.m. attack began after the U.S. military determined that missiles had been planted in Yemen’s Houthi-held areas, threatening the safety of nearby naval and trade ships.

“This action will protect freedom of navigation and make the high seas safer and more secure for U.S. naval vessels and commercial vessels,” the statement said.

Immediately after the airstrike, a Houthi spokesman said the group’s months-long campaign to attack and hijack trade ships in the Red Sea was carried out solely to support humanitarian operations and the Gaza Strip. strengthened his claims and vowed retaliation.

US and British forces attacked Houthi targets in Yemen over the weekend. MOD/AFP (via Getty Images)

“These attacks do not interfere with our moral, religious and humanitarian stance in support of the steadfast Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, and will not pass without response and punishment,” the representative said in a tweet.

The U.S. strike on Sunday morning followed a violent 48 hours between the Houthis and U.S. forces in the region.

On Saturday, at least 30 Houthi targets were attacked by U.S. and British forces in 10 locations in Yemen, including weapons storage facilities and command centers where terrorists are coordinating chaos in the Red Sea.

A day earlier, the U.S. military removed 11 Houthi armed drones that had been launched or were in the process of being launched.

Houthi forces have been harassing trade ships in the Red Sea for months. Fouches Media Center Handout/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock
Since Friday, US and British aircraft and missiles have been attacking Houthi facilities across Yemen daily. MOD/AFP (via Getty Images)

The attack coincided with major U.S. offensives against other Iranian-linked groups in Iraq and Syria.

Friday night airstrikes killed at least 39 people on 85 targets linked to Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, in retaliation for a drone attack by the extremist group that killed three U.S. service members at a base in Jordan last weekend. Ten people were injured.

The Iranian government called the attacks a “violation of its sovereignty and territorial integrity,” and the US defense secretary said the attacks were just the beginning of the US response to the attack on Jordan.

“This is the beginning of our response,” Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said.

“The president has directed additional actions to hold the Revolutionary Guards and its affiliated militias accountable for attacks on American and multinational forces,” he said in a statement. “We will take all necessary actions to protect the United States, our military, and our interests.”



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