US learned Iran strike on Israel was completed via Swiss channels 

A senior administration official said Sunday that the United States has learned that Iran’s attack on Israel was completed through Swiss channels.

A senior administration official told reporters at a briefing on Sunday that the United States had had “a series of direct communications through Swiss channels” with Iran leading up to the attack. The official said Iran has communicated through Swiss channels that the attack on Israel is complete, as the attack continues.

“As this issue was going on, we received a message from the Iranians through the Swiss, which basically suggested that the attacks were over after this, but they were still going on.” officials told reporters.

Iran launched drone and missile attacks against Israel on Saturday in response to an attack earlier this month that killed members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps at the Iranian consulate in Damascus, Syria. The official said that with the cooperation of the United States and other partners, Israel was able to intercept 99% of these munitions.

The official also denied claims that Iran had issued a 72-hour warning of an attack on Israel.

“They haven’t given us any notice, they haven’t given us any indication that they’re going to be a target, so let’s evacuate them. They were clearly trying to destroy and cause casualties.” officials said.

There was no significant damage caused by this attack. The Biden administration has stressed that it is not seeking “a broader war with Iran” in the wake of the attack, as the world waits to see how Israel responds.

President Biden spoke with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday amid continued attacks.

“I just spoke with Prime Minister Netanyahu to reaffirm America’s unwavering commitment to Israel’s security,” Biden said in a statement after the phone call. “I told him that Israel has demonstrated an incredible ability to defend against and defeat even unprecedented attacks, sending a clear message to its enemies that they cannot effectively threaten Israel’s security.”

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