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‘Used As Lab Rats’: Daily Caller Reporter Reagan Reese Blasts ‘Pentagon’s Priorities’ For US Military

Daily Caller White House correspondent Reagan Reese slammed the Pentagon’s “priorities” on Newsmax Monday after it allowed soldiers at a U.S. air base in South Korea to wear LGBT “pride” patches.

Reese appeared on “Carl Higbee Frontline” to share his thoughts on the recent issues surrounding both the anniversary of Roe v. Wade and the Department of Defense. After Reese slammed Democrats’ tactics of “whining” on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, Newsmax host Carl Higbee asked the reporter what he thought about the recent relocation of a U.S. Air Force base. (Related: “Typical Washington DC nonsense”: Veterans speak out against Pentagon proposal to force-feed soldiers lab-grown meat)

“Another thing, Mr. Reagan, when I was in the military, women couldn’t even paint their nails any color other than earth tones because it was distracting. Now the U.S. Air Force, the Air Force, is allowing soldiers to wear LGBT pride patches. I don’t agree with that,” Higbee said.

“So this is just the latest effort that shows where the Department of Defense’s priorities really are,” Reese responded. “We’ve seen the Defense Department prioritize DEI. Now they’re trying to allow pride patches on patriotic uniforms, which are a staple in this country. Last week we saw the Defense Department considering plans to introduce lab-grown meat into the meals they feed soldiers. My colleague Jesse McIntosh has reported on this. She’s spoken to veterans who are very upset to see soldiers being used as guinea pigs.”

In a May 20 memo, Col. William McKibben, 51st Fighter Wing commander, approved the “Osan+” patch to be worn by personnel stationed in South Korea on Fridays and during special events. according to The patch is designed to resemble the American Pride flag and is bordered by a black ring with “Osan+” at the top and “Osan Air Base ROK” at the bottom, the media reported.

The Department of Defense also reportedly plans to start supplying the military with lab-grown meat to reduce the military’s carbon footprint, according to an announcement from a Pentagon-funded program called BioMade.