VAERS chart shows a shocking result about Covid vaccine

For a long time, anyone who dared to challenge the effectiveness of coronavirus vaccines, including medical professionals and scientists, was censored, silenced, and banished to the realm of rabid anti-vaxxers.

But now, as more and more evidence emerges about the reality of the rapidly developed coronavirus vaccines, the tide is turning. The same companies that once shoved vaccines down our throats, vowing they were 100% safe and effective, are now backtracking.

“Last week, we talked about how Pfizer scientists recognized vaccine-induced heart disease. Just this week, the largest study ever conducted on the global safety of vaccines was published. [the CDC] He is also currently suffering from serious illness, death and lingering symptoms,” Pat Gray said.

These companies can no longer deny that their vaccines are “causing neurological problems, blood problems, and heart-related symptoms.”

“Pat, here’s a graph that will blow your mind,” said Keith Marinak, displaying the following data from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), which is managed by the CDC and FDA.

“These are vaccine deaths reported by VAERS from 1988 to 2021, which is more than 30 years of data,” Keith said. “All deaths from vaccines (not caused by COVID-19) are on the left.” Meanwhile, by 2021, the COVID-19 vaccine has been in circulation for only a year. It accounts for half of the deaths.”

Perhaps most frustrating, Pat says, is that despite this data, the CDC continues to tell people to “go get it.”

Watch the clip below to learn more.

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