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Violent rapist in Maryland allegedly murders ‘devoted’ parole officer

A man serving decades in prison for a violent rape has been accused of killing the Maryland parole officer who was tasked with supervising him after his release.

October 1996, Emanuel Edward Sewell After breaking into a home in Montgomery County, Maryland, Sewell bound the man’s arms and legs while he was asleep in his bed, then brutally raped him at knifepoint. Sewell was ultimately convicted of multiple charges related to sexual assault and theft, and sentenced to 40 years in prison.

He was reportedly found curled in the fetal position and wrapped in plastic after the brutal assault.

Sewell ultimately served 24 years of his 40-year sentence. In 2021, he Drug addiction It affected his brain and prompted him to commit a horrific crime.

After his release, Sewell was paired with a parole and probation officer, Davis Martinez, from the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Corrections. Sewell was also housed in an apartment in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

On May 31, Martinez drove to the apartment to see if Sewell lived there. A few hours later, when Martinez hadn’t returned, a co-worker called police.

Officers arrived at Sewell’s apartment just before 6 p.m. that day, where they found Martinez’s body stuffed under a bed, curled in the fetal position and wrapped in plastic after reportedly having been brutally beaten.

Investigators found a bloodstained towel near the front door, as well as Martinez’s cell phone in a trash can outside, and his car was still parked nearby.

Officers were able to recover Martinez’s body and other evidence from Sewell’s apartment, but the suspect was nowhere to be found. Neighbors said Sewell, now 54, had received visitors around 9 a.m. and left his apartment around 2 p.m., dumping a bag of clothes in a trash can. They then saw Sewell drive away in his car.

Sewell was arrested 400 miles away in West Virginia the next day and initially charged with second-degree murder. That charge was later upgraded to first-degree murder. On Monday, a judge ordered him held without bail. Sewell is scheduled to appear again in court on July 5.

“This was a violent attack on personnel conducting a residency check.”

Martinez joined MDPS in August 2018 and is believed to be the only parole officer to die in the line of duty. State HistoryHe was only 33 when he died.

His friends and colleagues were devastated by his death. Short video In the video, agent Chanel Gray claims she can’t “describe Martinez in one word,” but she tried: “Kind, polite, dedicated to her job, an extremely hard-working team player, funny, [and] shy.”

Senior agent Winita Sanyene Kessler called Martinez a “beautiful soul” and claimed he was a “bond” to the agency and his family. “He would do anything for any of us,” she said through tears.

Montgomery County State’s Attorney John McCarthy argues that more must be done to protect parole and probation officers. [a] “It’s a residency verification,” he insisted.

“If they’re doing work for us, we as a community need to work comprehensively to make sure they’re safe while they’re doing their job.”

Since then, officials have suspended all home visits for parole and probationers, and Democratic Gov. Wes Moore has ordered the state flag to be flown at half-staff on June 1 in Martinez’s memory.

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