Voters’ values trump skin color

“Who’s more racist?” pointing Political commentators on the left and right have given the impression that the first words black people say after leaving the voting booth are, “I feel like I’m being watched.”

If you think of our political system as a construction project rather than a therapy session, it’s easy to see why asking politicians for personal recognition is fool’s gold. To build a building, you need plans, builders, and tools. Electoral politics can be viewed similarly insofar as it influences public policy.

Skin color is not a value. Melanin is not a rule. When voters forget that, cunning politicians take advantage of it.

That is, the people who are most effective in our system should already have a blueprint in their head before they go looking for someone they think can “build” it to their specifications. In a sense, citizens use voting as a tool to elect politicians who will serve as tools for building a society that they believe will lead to the prosperity of humanity.

One of the reasons why affirmation and (superficial) identity politics are such a corrosive combination is that candidates use their membership in particular groups to promote political policies that are not part of their supporters’ blueprint. Being able to cover positions.

One clear example of this is: progressive woman, people who identify as feminists often use the threat of sexism to appeal to female voters, then become president and prioritize the demands of cross-dressing men. Female hosts and pundits at MSNBC, CNN, and ESPN know that if they want to keep their jobs and social status, they have to follow the fantasies of Rachel Levine and Leah Thomas.

Social commentators on both sides of the aisle argue that all politics is identity politics, pointing out that reaching out to conservative evangelicals, who are disproportionately white, is no different than engaging with minority groups. I heard you doing it.

The key difference is that religious affiliation acts as a proxy for particular values ​​and political interests. Evangelicals support restrictions on traditional marriage and abortion because both are tied to a Biblical worldview about creation, reproduction, family, and human dignity.

Judging by cultural critics who practice affirmative politics, the only value embraced by a significant group of black voters is opposition to racism.

If you think about our country’s history, you can understand why this is the case. But the truth is, we’re not in the 1940s anymore, given how flexible the definition of “racism” has become and how casually people throw out words like “white supremacy.” That’s an obvious fact.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation donated $1 million Sponsor a training program established fordismantle racismin mathematics. Curriculum creators argue that a “culture of white supremacy” emerges in classrooms when students are asked to demonstrate their work and the emphasis is on getting the answers right.

Words that once evoked images of “people of color only” signs and burning crosses are also routinely associated with pro-life laws. Parent’s Rights and the nuclear family.

People who speak this way do so because they believe that accusations of racism activate Pavlovian defensive responses within the average black person, making them more vulnerable to manipulation.

This is the danger of positive politics.

Skin color is not a value. Melanin is not a rule. When voters forget that, cunning politicians take advantage of it.

One of the clearest examples of this phenomenon occurred in 2008 when Barack Obama was first elected president. The excitement of voting for the first black president was palpable in the black community, and certainly in Washington, D.C., long known as the “Chocolate City.” ”

Mr. Obama won 95% of the black vote, including many of the city’s poor and working-class adults. These voters were the ones who benefited the most from his DC Opportunity Scholarship program, the only federally funded voucher in the country. Students attending private schools in Washington, D.C., receive up to $13,500, which is far less than what the city spends per student.

So how did the president reward his most loyal supporters?

By making eliminating that program one of his top priorities when he took office. He sent his daughters to Sidwell Academy, where tuition was $40,000, but decided to forego vouchers for a family with an average annual income of $26,000.

Thankfully, Republicans in Congress blocked Obama’s efforts.president trump pledged Extend your program.

Obama and his progressive brethren pretend to be champions of the marginalized and downtrodden, while conveniently sending poor black children to schools where few students read at grade level. I’m here.

The idea that black people cannot vote for the Republican Party because the Republican Party is racist is not based on any universal law or political principle.Democrats have their own problems with race – especially when it comes to racial issues. white voters They make up 64% of the electorate.

CNN has no problem saying so. anger White men are the biggest threat in this country. The Daily Beast has no problem denouncing killer “It’s the Karens.” In 2016, multiple news outlets published articles condemning the 53% of white women who voted for Donald reed feelings comfortable On MSNBC, he claimed that white evangelicals view non-white Christian conservatives as “fraudulent Americans.”

Yet white liberals from New York to Los Angeles continue to vote for parties openly hostile to them. But at least to them, it makes some sense. White liberals support the party’s three top priorities: everything related to sexual orientation and gender identity, abortion, and climate change.

Many black progressives support the same thing. But there are also millions of black working-class men, church-going seniors, and suburban mothers who prioritize good schools, safe streets, and better jobs.

We should not allow our feelings and emotions to get in the way of acquiring the “tools” we need to build a better future for ourselves and our children.

The Republican Party is Severe There is much work to be done to win over black voters, but political weakness is a bad construction strategy. Politicians don’t show up in big cities to challenge progressive policies, and many conservative commentators seem just as committed. cause inflammation Racial tensions as a leftist counterpart.

It is unwise to trust one’s political calculations to the ignorance of others. It also reveals a poor self-image despite public proclamations of “black girl magic” and “black excellence.” A truly secure person is not easily swayed by the thoughts of strangers.

Elected officials who say, “Vote for me because I look like you!” I love voters who are driven by emotion rather than profit. It’s time to teach them that it’s no longer a winning strategy.



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