Warren, Sanders accuse Meta of blocking content related to Palestinians: ‘Deeply troubling’

Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Bernie Sanders (D-Vt.) on Tuesday accused Meta of suppressing Palestinian-related content on its platform and called out its actions. He called it “very alarming.”

their lettersThe article, addressed to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, is a follow-up to one Warren sent in December, also about Instagram and Facebook’s suppression of Palestinian content. .

The senators said Meta’s response to the original letter “failed to provide any of the requested information” to understand the company’s treatment of Arabic and other Palestinian matters and other content. .

“We are deeply concerned by Meta’s refusal to acknowledge the discriminatory nature of its content removal actions and to address them despite the overwhelming amount of evidence to this effect,” Warren and Sanders wrote in a statement. It’s the right thing to do.”

Warren’s original letter pressured Meta over moderation of Palestinian content amid the ongoing Israel-Hamas war. Human rights and civil society organizations have raised concerns about the company’s filtering, mistranslations and other problems since the war began in October.

On December 21, Human Rights Watch published a report revealing that Meta suppressed or removed more than 1,000 expressions of “peaceful support for the Palestinians” on both platforms in October and November. published a book.

The two progressives argue that “recent developments deepen our concerns.”

The letter said Meta had reviewed its hate speech policy related to the word Zionist and noted that representatives “justified the review,” but also noted “the risk of suppressing legitimate expression of political ideology and national affairs.” did not provide details.”

“These developments highlight the urgent need for greater transparency regarding information censorship at the world’s largest social media giants, Instagram and Facebook,” the letter said.

The report highlighted instances in which users who posted Palestine-related content had their content or accounts blocked or restricted, while facing complex or non-existent paths to resolving the issue.

“It is imperative that Meta provides this information so that the American people and their elected representatives can understand the impact of Meta’s policies on their communities and public discourse,” the letter reads.

The Hill has reached out to Mehta for comment.

Warren and Sanders asked Zuckerberg to respond to nearly 20 questions by April 8.

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