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WATCH: Viral resurfaced clip from 2020 wokest thing

2020 saw the culmination of thinking that everything is racist, sexist and homophobic, resulting in some downright ridiculous ideas, but none as ridiculous as the one proposed by the creators of NBC’s “New Amsterdam,” which thankfully ends in 2023.

Dave Rubin delivered what will likely go down in history as one of the most woke moments in television history.

Footage that resurfaced in 2020 may be the most entertaining “woke” TV show of all timeYoutube

In what can only be described as nauseatingly melodramatic, a doctor speaks to a concerned mother whose son is suffering from some kind of tumor.

“Your son feels threatened every day. He fears that everything he has achieved will be taken away from him. He is being denied his rights, but because his life seems free of these problems he is unable to put it into words and so he has internalized it…I believe your son’s tumor is the result of racism,” the doctor sighed.

“I have no idea why the show got canceled!” Dave laughed, adding that he was surprised the video was “only going viral now” given it was filmed four years ago.

Xavier DuRousseau of PragerU said watching the video was the equivalent of “cyanide poisoning.”

“I’m so sick of that show,” he said. “To make it seem like you now have cancer because people hurt your feelings…can we not be serious? It seems less serious than what Fauci is trying to tell us about COVID.”

“Nothing sells better in this country than victim bingo.”

To get a good laugh out of NBC’s topical segment, watch the clip above.

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