‘We’re being gaslit by the politicians’

Former “Real Housewives of New York City” star Leah McSweeney plans to become a Real Housewife elsewhere. And before she leaves the Big Apple, she tells some real stories.

McSweeney said Wednesday she was leaving New York for Florida amid a spike in crime. Politicians like Mayor Eric Adams are trying to “gaslight” New Yorkers into thinking their city is safe.

“I don’t care who’s in charge. Mayor Adams is at Zero Bond, he’s at Casa Cipriani,” McSweeney said, referring to Hizzoner’s favorite hip downtown hangouts.

Leah McSweeney plans to move to Miami, blames lame duck politicians who plunged New York City into chaos fox news

“Please help me,” she said Wednesday. Appeared on Fox & FriendsHe added that he was tired of leaders claiming the city was “safer than ever.”

“The worst part is being gassed by politicians who say we’re actually safer than ever, when in fact we’re not. I’m sorry, we can’t help it. I’ll be there. Train. They’re riding around. They’re walking around. It’s not safe.”

Ms. McSweeney, 41, a fashion designer and longtime New York City socialite, ended up heading for the hills after a crazed man threatened to brutally murder her daughter and a friend during a recent subway ride. He said he had made a decision.

“A man came in and sat across from them and said, ‘Shut up or I’m going to kill you and turn you into a pile of meat on the floor,'” McSweeney said.

“This breaks my heart because New York City is the best city in the world. But right now it’s not safe, especially for women.”

McSweeney plans to make a new home in Miami, as her daughter hopes to attend college in the Sunshine State.

“I never thought I’d say that.” “I thought, “No, I’m going to die in New York,” but I’m sick of the quality of life here,” she said, adding that she continues to love the Big Apple. He said he hopes New York can turn the situation around.

Crime in the city reached new heights last year, according to New York City police data recently obtained by The Post.

McSweeney blamed Mayor Eric Adams and other politicians. "gaslighting" New Yorkers believe their city is safe.
McSweeney accused Mayor Eric Adams and other politicians of “gaslighting” New Yorkers into thinking the city is safe. Michael Brochstein/SOPA Images/Shutterstock

The number of assaults reached a historic high, with nearly 28,000 incidents reported for the first time in the city’s history.

Nevertheless, Mr Adams argued that crime is not increasing, but rather that a “perception problem” fueled by the media is fooling people into believing the opposite is true.

McSweeney isn’t the only New Yorker planning to hightail it out of town.

Last year, the city’s population fell by a staggering 78,000 people, and many of the new foreign arrivals said crime and visible changes in the city since the pandemic were the impetus for their exodus. told the paper.



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