What Iran learned from Russia

For Ukraine and its supporters, this attack further proved that: Dangerous link between Moscow and Tehran And in their view, defeating Russia in Ukraine should strengthen the argument that defeating Russia could weaken an aggressor that threatens the United States and its allies around the world.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy on Sunday condemned Iran’s attack and use of the Shahed drone.

“We Ukrainians are well aware of the horror of a similar attack by Russia, using the same Shahed drones, Russian missiles and the same large-scale airstrike tactics,” President Zelenskiy said in a statement. ” Obvious cooperation between the two regimes Escalating terrorism must face a decisive and united response from the world. ”

Russia has deployed Iranian drones against Ukraine. More than a year and a halfcooperation between Tehran and Moscow has improved drone design, attack strategies, and capabilities.

Israel, in what is described as a complex collaborative effort with the United States, Jordan and other allies, succeeded in blunting attacks from Iran Saturday. Iran announced that it had launched an attack on Israel in retaliation for the April 1 bombing of its consulate in Syria that killed top Iranian military officers.

The Israeli military said Iran fired about 10 shells. 170 unmanned aerial vehicles, 120 ballistic missiles, 30 cruise missilesadding that almost all were shot down.

“Iran first sent drones and then missiles, a tactic that Russia also uses. there is a connection between them” said Sheena Azodi, visiting scholar and professor of international studies at George Washington University’s Elliott School of International Studies.

“From a short-term perspective, you could say this is a defeat for Iran, or that Iran didn’t succeed, but at the end of the day, I think they’re also watching, they’re watching their drones. I’ve seen how planes and missiles are shot down, and they are taking notes on how to improve things” continued Azodi.

“They also tested what would happen in a potential conflict. What would the United States, Jordan, etc. do? And they just tested how capable Israel’s missile defense system is.” I’m sure they will work on improving their weapons systems. This is a lesson that the Russians are also practicing.

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