Woman tries selling grandmother’s funeral flowers on second-hand clothes website: ‘How’s it offensive?’

Forget about the 7 stages of grief. It seems that this woman’s grief was only one stage of her.

A woman has left online shoppers furious after she was caught trying to sell her grandmother’s funeral flowers on a secondhand clothing website. According to the sun.

Shoppers who found the wreath listed on the shopping site Vinted saw white and colorful flowers listed as “Mum/Nan flowers” listed for £115 ($145). I was shocked. I shared my TikTok account.

The unidentified woman also added “new without tags” to the list.

A shopper furious over the sale took matters into his own hands, direct messaging a woman to tell her how “disgusting” he was that she was selling funeral flowers.

“No disrespect, but I find it a little offensive to sell flowers for someone’s funeral,” a shopper messaged the seller.

But the seller has hit back at furious shoppers for being disrespectful “during difficult times”.

“This is my nanna’s flower. I suggest you leave your thoughts alone, as you will be quite uncomfortable in difficult times,” said the woman.

The seller listed the item on Vinted as “Mum/Nan flowers” for $145.00.

“How about that?” the seller replied before the shopper could take the discussion to the next level.

“What people want to see when they buy clothes isn’t exactly the same, right? Reported to Vinted.”

Completely taken aback by the message, the woman asked the shopper: Will my Nanna die? ”

Shoppers were furious at the woman selling the flowers and called them out in direct messages on Vinted.
Shoppers were furious at the woman selling the flowers and called them out in direct messages on Vinted. –

The two then went back and forth as the shopper revealed to the woman that she was “violating Vinted’s terms of service” by selling flowers.

“You’re not the only one who has endured grief just to let you know,” the shopper utters his final words.

Near the end of the heated argument, the woman noticed the shopper’s not-so-great reviews and called them out on it before being blocked.

Shoppers sent furious back-and-forth messages to an Instagram account called depopmadness. I posted them on TikTok.

Commenters who watched the video shared a variety of opinions, with some actually siding with the sellers because funerals are so expensive.

One user said: “Personally I think this is a great idea. This will help many grieving families especially if they don’t have life insurance.”

“A lot of people can’t afford them. Well done to those who sold them 💕,” another person replied.

“I bought a flower block for “Dad.” [sic] Added my own flowers to Vinted. “Funerals are expensive, but this would ease the burden on sellers and buyers,” said one supportive respondent.