World Athletics Chief Warns Against ‘Moronic’ Doping-Approved Event

The Enhanced Games, proposed as an Olympic-style drug-fueled sporting event that would allow doping of athletes, is nonsense and athletes would be “stupid” to take part in it. So said World Athletics President Coe, who canceled the tournament scheduled for Thursday.

of eventAs reported by Breitbart News, the competition, founded in 2023 by Australian-born, London-based businessman Aaron D’Souza, is not subject to World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) rules. The date has not been announced yet, but it is planned to be held. .

Track and field, swimming, weightlifting, gymnastics, and martial arts are all listed as major events.

D’Souza said athletes scheduled to take part in this summer’s Paris Olympics have expressed interest in competing, adding: “With 44% of athletes already using performance-enhancing equipment, it’s safe to celebrate science. The time has come to do so.”

BBC report Mr Coe hit back by warning that he would face a long ban if he did so.

“I can’t get too excited,” Coe said at a press conference ahead of the World Track and Field Indoor Championships, to be held in Glasgow from Friday to Sunday.

“There’s only one message: If someone is stupid enough to want to take part in it and belongs to the traditional, philosophical position of our sport, they will be suspended, and they will be banned for life. ‘For a long time. “

D’Souza said the athletes who contact him are looking to “actually make money” outside of the Olympics.

WADA has called Enhanced Games a “dangerous and irresponsible concept”, the BBC report outlines.

“I’m sure crazy things are happening in other sectors as well, and we experience that too from time to time,” Ko added. “I really don’t have a sleepless night. It’s not a page turner, is it?”

In response to Coe’s comments, Mr D’Souza said: “The Enhanced Game allows both natural and enhanced athletes to compete side by side without anyone needing to be enhanced.

“We have been clear about this from the beginning and I can assure Lord Coe there is nothing ‘stupid’ about our players.”

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