X-Men ‘nonbinary’ character confesses love for Wolverine

The season finale of the controversial Disney+ animated series X-Men ’97 ended with the show’s “non-binary” characters confessing their love for fan favorite Wolverine. The show’s producers previously said their relationship was just a “buddy” friendship.

A character named Morph was confirmed to be portrayed as “non-binary” prior to the show’s release, and was seen standing over an injured Wolverine in the season finale. As the X-Men attempt to stop an apocalyptic event, Morph chooses to stay away from the epic battle to watch over his injured compatriot.

Realizing that he may not be able to overcome his injuries, Wolverine uses this opportunity to confess his love to the unconscious hero. Additionally, Morph changed her appearance to Jean Gray (the woman Wolverine loves) before confessing her feelings.

“She can’t say it, but I can. I love you, Logan. Stay by my side,” the transsexual character reportedly said. border to comics.

The show’s former executive producer Beau DeMayo admitted after the episode that the scene was intended to be romantic.

“Yes, Morph had confessed romantic feelings for Logan,” he wrote X.

One fan responded to the post, pointing out that another scene in which Morph transforms into Wolverine’s younger brother raised his suspicions. brought him a beer.

“Yes. It wasn’t an accident.” DeMayo answered.

“This is not surprising, but it is wrong and shows that Disney is actively participating in the culture wars, trying to warp the minds of its viewers into believing that what is wrong is right. It’s proven.”

The character was apparently misrepresented by the show’s creators before the series began, stating that “non-binary” doesn’t mean what people think it means.

In February 2015, DeMayo gave an interview in which he first confirmed that the character, who has historically been portrayed as an average-looking male, would be “non-binary.”

“This is a lighter take on this character who is non-binary and has an interesting companionship with Wolverine,” DeMayo said at the time.

In response to fan uproar over the character change, the creators issued an explanation claiming that “non-binary” is just another word for “shapeshifter.”

“To me, the word ‘nonbinary’ is the same as the word ‘shapeshifter,'” director Larry Houston said. “Any character that changes from one gender to another, or from human to animal, that’s just another word for ‘shapeshifter’ to me.”

Writer Julia Ruwald decided to chide fans who objected to this change.

“Didn’t we tell you anything? Didn’t you see?” she asked. “Have we not found a way to be kind to each other and get along? It’s very strange to feel like we’re still dealing with the same issues we were dealing with 30 years ago. It’s painful,” she explained.

Despite the justification, it seemed like the show’s intention from the beginning was to use a “non-binary” character as Wolverine’s gay love story.

“It’s not at all surprising that DeMayo, Disney and Marvel would place Wolverine and Morph in a sodomy relationship,” said editor John F. Trent. that park place.

“DeMayo made it abundantly clear that his proposed show was to incorporate his ‘identity’ as a gay black man into the X-Men. This is not surprising, but this Trent added, “It’s a mistake, and Disney is actively participating in the culture wars to prove that they want to ‘warp the minds of their viewers and make them believe that their mistake is right.’

Mr. DeMayo was fired a little more than a week before the show’s premiere after a series of controversial actions drew criticism from all corners of the cultural world.

In 2023, he reportedly announced he would delete his Twitter account after coming under fire for whitewashing a tanned-looking Brazilian character named Sunspot. previous version.DeMayo faces criticism for casting actors Gui Agustini He took part in this role despite being Brazilian.

DeMayo, who is also reportedly a gay black man, is said to have posted shirtless photos of himself online and operated a purportedly private account on OnlyFans, a site known for pornography. ing.

Marvel had no comment on the matter, and DeMayo took his Instagram account offline and remained silent. hollywood reporter I got it.

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