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Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin Forge Closer Ties in ‘Intense and Meaningful’ Beijing Talks

Russian strongman Vladimir Putin arrived in Beijing, China, on Thursday for wide-ranging talks focused on strengthening economic and political ties with genocidal communist dictator Xi Jinping and his top officials. I did it.

After a private conversation between Mr. Xi and Mr. Putin explained He called their interaction “very intense and meaningful.” The two leaders signed a joint statement titled “Joint Statement of the People’s Republic of China and the Russian Federation on Deepening a Comprehensive Strategy” to commemorate the 75th anniversary of bilateral relations, which is said to cover economic, scientific, political, agricultural, and other exchanges. signed a 30-page document. Coordination partnership towards a new era based on the 75th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Russia”:

Russian and Chinese authorities confirmed President Putin’s visit to China earlier in the week, in addition to several other commitments, including a concert, a special event commemorating the 75th anniversary of bilateral relations, and a trip to Russia.Page 30 previewed the joint statement. Harbin, an industrial city in northern China:

After meeting with President Xi Jinping, President Putin declared himself satisfied with his first day in China, saying that the authoritarian regime and totalitarian China, which is currently leading a decade of invasion and colonization of neighboring Ukraine, is now democratic. They promised to cooperate in protecting the principles.

“Both countries have independent foreign policies. We are working in solidarity towards the creation of a more just and democratic multipolar world order,” Putin said. Said After the meeting with Xi, the Russian news agency Sputnik said: “The central role of the United Nations and the Security Council, international law, cultural and civilizational diversity, and the verified interests of all participants in the world” It should depend on balance.” community. “

official kremlin transcript Similarly, it quoted Putin as declaring China and Russia to be custodians of a “democratic world order that reflects the reality of multipolarity.”

Much of Putin’s time with reporters revolved around growth. trade Relations with China. President Vladimir Putin’s Russia faces global economic sanctions in response to repeated invasions of Ukraine, but much of the impact Russia has been able to reduce through its trade relations with neighboring countries China and India. are doing. Putin noted that China and Russia have all but abandoned the US dollar, 90% of payments are made in rubles and renminbi, and that “trade between Russia and China is steadily increasing.” .

President Putin predicted that “an important portfolio of 80 large-scale joint investment projects in various fields has been formed.”

In addition to meeting with President Xi Jinping and the Communist Party’s most powerful officials, Putin on Thursday also visited Tiananmen Square, where thousands of peaceful students who had gathered to protest against communism were massacred in June 1989. I also stopped at the plaza. The Communist Party maintains a monument in Tiananmen Square. President Putin paid tribute to the “people’s hero” in the center by laying flowers.

Xi Jinping’s comments during the public part of his meeting with Putin were similarly celebratory, according to a translation by . Chinese state media. Like Putin, Xi argued that Russia and China have been successful in “promoting democracy in international relations” and are generally positive forces on the world stage.

Xi claimed He said his administration’s positive relations with Russia are based on five principles: “win-win cooperation.” Support each other’s “core interests.” cultural collaboration. “strategic coordination” to thwart American goals at the United Nations and elsewhere; And it opposes the “Cold War mentality,” an umbrella term used by China to oppose many international crimes, including genocide, rampant intellectual property theft, espionage, and more.

Xi referred to the two most prominent conflicts on the world stage, Israel’s self-defense operation against Hamas and Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine, and asserted that in both cases China is a neutral partner seeking peace. .

China’s state news agency Xinhua said, “Both presidents have expressed the view that resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is an urgent matter.” “The United Nations resolutions must be implemented sincerely, and the Palestinian issue must be resolved on the basis of a two-state solution,” Xi said.

Regarding Ukraine, President Xi asserted that “China’s position on this issue is consistent and clear,” without accusing President Putin of trying to “annex” a significant portion of Ukrainian territory. “respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country.”

Like Putin, Xi emphasized expanding trade ties to mutually enrich the two countries. In particular, President Xi called for “strengthening cooperation in the areas of ports, transportation, and logistics, and contributing to maintaining the stability of global industrial and supply chains.” Western countries are increasingly diversifying their supply chains from China, in response to China’s use of slave labor in its supply chains, which is straining the production of critical goods such as medical equipment. Multinational companies will move some of their operations to Vietnam, India and other neighboring countries in the aftermath of the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic, where the Communist Party’s city-wide lockdown sparked riots in some of China’s most important factories It also happened.

Western hesitance does not seem to have led to a cooling of economic relations between China and Russia, but it has made Russia a more important trading partner for China. A visit to the northern city of Harbin, scheduled for Friday, is expected to focus more directly on economic ties between Beijing and Moscow, as Harbin is a major industrial center.report show President Putin is expected to make an announcement in the city on Friday that a Russian sovereign wealth fund will open an office in the city. Harbin will also host a trade fair to encourage cooperation between Russian and Chinese companies in the near future.

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