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Some members of the XRP community are calling on leaders of the XRP ecosystem, including Ripple executives, to address XRP’s price action.

Mack, an XRP enthusiast from the Netherlands, was the first to make this call, which received a lot of attention from other community members. He lamented that it’s time for Mac to do something about the XRP price as soon as possible.

He issued a warning and called Ripple, CEO Brad Garlinghouse, and CTO David Schwartz. Additionally, he tagged his XRPL Labs, Xumm, the team behind his XRPL wallet.

In his tweet, Mack specifically highlighted the growing restlessness of the XRP community. “Things are really going in the wrong direction with XRP.” he said:

Furthermore, this XRP enthusiast lamented that despite bringing in a large amount of money into XRP every month, he noticed a decrease in connections and started considering selling.

The XRP army also agrees.

In response to Mack’s sentiments, members of the XRP community expressed similar sentiments and emphasized their long-term patience with XRP.

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“Now it’s time for them to jump on something.” X user commented.

Meanwhile, one X user said he has already offloaded 75% of his XRP holdings and plans to exit soon. They expressed frustration, saying they had endured significant risks without being adequately compensated.

On the other hand, the famous XRP analyst “Dark Defender” said, share He says he has faced similar difficult times in the past. He said these frustrations come just before a big rally toward all-time highs.

As a result, analysts advised maintaining clarity about the current situation in the desire to take advantage of economic benefits. According to the analyst, all indicators are in favor of XRP, which he believes remains a fact-based observation.

XRP price

XRP is trading at $0.5231, up 1.83% over the past 7 days, but down a hefty 16% over the past 8 weeks.

Frustration has arisen among community members as XRP’s current price reflects the same base value it traded at five years ago. At the same time, tokens such as Ethereum and Cardano recorded gains of up to 1,000%.

Additionally, XRP barely moved in the second half of 2023. On the other hand, comparable prominent tokens witnessed an increase of over 100%. This trend has made XRP holders increasingly less hopeful about its potential.

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