Allie Beth Stuckey talks Taylor Swift 24 election baby boom?

Taylor Swift is in the news right now, only this time it’s not her latest release or recent breakup that people are talking about. Rather, the question is whether this superstar will be used as a political tool by the Biden campaign.

Allie Beth Stuckey acknowledges that Taylor Swift is “very influential,” but says she has “at least turned a huge number of people out who weren’t planning on voting Democratic yet.” I’m not trying to persuade people.”

“There are a lot of influential celebrities who tried to sway the election, but it didn’t work,” Allie says.

Regarding the possibility of a baby boom, many predict that Swift will “encourage women into this stable, domestic life of having children.”

“Probably,” Ally said, adding that such a scenario would be “a positive development.”

But it’s also possible that Swift will “convince women that it’s normal and okay to stay in seemingly toxic and unhealthy long-term relationships until you’re 34 and meet the rich man of your dreams.”

“But it’s not. That’s not the goal to aim for,” Allie says. “I don’t think she’s harmless, but I also don’t think she’s as harmful as some people misunderstand her.”

“She’s not someone the Western world will rise and fall from, but she’s also not a great role model for young girls.”

For more of Ally’s analysis of how much influence Taylor Swift has on the public, check out the clip below.

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