Ana Knezevich’s family still hold ‘hope’ she’s alive despite husband’s arrest

The heartbroken family of a Florida woman who vanished in Spain three months ago remains hopeful she was found alive even after her estranged husband was arrested and charged with kidnapping her in a disturbing transcontinental plot. He said he has not given up hope that it will be done.

Ana Knezevic’s family told a press conference on Wednesday that they were “traumatized” by the arrest of David Knezevic, who had moved to Spain to escape during her bitter divorce.

“We feel a great betrayal. We are just shocked,” Ana’s brother Juan Felipe Henao said of the disturbing allegations against his brother-in-law.

Ana Knezevic, 40, went missing in Spain in February. Handouts to families

“There’s still hope that if anyone has any information about my sister’s whereabouts, we can find her,” Heneo said as the brothers’ mother sat silently next to her. Told. According to WSVN.

“If she’s out there somewhere, we just want to let her know that we all love her, we all miss her, we’re rooting for her, we’re her advocates. ” he said.

“I just hope she’s out there and we can find her soon.”

Ana, 40, disappeared in Madrid around February 2nd. Her estranged husband, 36, was arrested at Miami International Airport on Saturday and charged with kidnapping.

The arrest was part of an ongoing multilateral investigation led by the FBI in Florida, Spain, Ana’s home country of Colombia, and the Office of the Interior Attaché in Belgrade.

David, from Serbia, has been living in Belgrade for three months since Ana was last seen and has repeatedly insisted he had no involvement in Ana’s disappearance.

Juan Felipe Heneo said the family was “hopeful” that Ana would return safely. WSVN

The couple previously lived together in the Fort Lauderdale area, where they owned a computer business. However, Ana’s family says she moved to Madrid in late 2023 to take a break from her difficult divorce.

On February 2nd, Ana sent a message to her friend Sanna Ramo saying she had met a man and was planning to spend time with him in Barcelona.

Then they “received a very strange message from her cell phone,” Rameau told reporters Wednesday.

The suspect, David Knezevic, 36, was arrested in Miami on Saturday. Broward County Sheriff

“I can’t believe she was texting me on the Saturday afternoon before she disappeared,” Rameau said, adding that David Knezevic wrote the letter in “perfect Colombian” with the help of a friend. I suspect that it was. [Spanish]” he imitates Anna.

“She did not leave voluntarily. She was taken against her will,” Rameau said.

Investigators now believe David was the man wearing a motorcycle helmet who was spotted spray-painting the lens of a security camera outside Anna’s apartment shortly before she disappeared. .

Ana Knezevic moved to Madrid at the end of 2023, shortly before her disappearance. AP

A man resembling David was also seen on video buying paint and duct tape at a nearby store hours earlier, unsealed court documents revealed this week.

But David’s lawyers repeatedly protested that the business owner was 1,600 miles away in Belgrade when his estranged wife disappeared.

However, evidence shows that David had actually rented a car in the Serbian capital in the days before Ana was last seen, giving authorities plenty of time to drive to Madrid. It is said that he was

Spanish police discovered that a number plate reader on her street around the time of Ana’s disappearance had also detected a number plate that had previously been reported stolen.

According to friends and family, Anna and David were going through a bitter divorce. news nation

Hours after she went missing, the same car was reportedly seen passing through a toll plaza on the outskirts of the city.

When David returned the car five weeks later, the car rental company told investigators that the windows had been tinted and the license plate had been changed.

The car had 4,800 miles on it.

Anna’s brother thanked his sister’s friends and praised “the people who warned everyone about all of this.”

Ana (right) told her friend Sanna Rameau (left) that she was going to Barcelona to meet a man and spend time with him. AP

“As you can see, my sister is very loved,” he said.

It has been several months since Ana was last seen or heard from, but her family is confident authorities will uncover the truth, her grieving brother added.

“We trust the American authorities and the judicial system, and we believe they will do justice for my sister. That’s what we all want,” Heneo said. insisted.

David Knezewicz is scheduled to make his first court appearance Friday morning.

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