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Anti-Israel protesters disrupt national anthem, climate change activists rush field at Congressional Baseball Game

On Wednesday, during the annual Congressional Baseball Game in Washington, DC, a group of climate change activists stormed the field and were tackled by police after anti-Israel protesters screamed during the playing of the national anthem.

Anti-Israel Saboteurs He unfurled the flag and shoutedBefore the game started, from their third-row seats near the Democratic dugout at Nationals Park, they yelled slogans such as “Liberate Palestine” and “You are funding genocide.”

The crowd responded to the commotion Chants of “USA! USA!” When the national anthem was played.

“Let Gaza survive,” read one protester’s banner.

Group of At least four Capitol Police officers He was seen standing near the protesters and saluting as they sang “The Star-Spangled Banner” before taking action.

Executives Escorted irregular attendees As soon as the national anthem finished, the audience stood up.

In the top of the second inning, Republicans were leading Democrats 4-2 when a large group of eight climate change protesters Charged into the field.

Police officers quickly emerged from the left field bullpen and several other areas of the ballpark and apprehended the protesters, who were all wearing matching “No Fossil Fuels” T-shirts.

The extremist group Climate Defiance Organized chaosThis appears to have forced the lawmakers to leave the stadium for a while.

During the moment of confusion, the crowd was heard chanting again, “USA! USA!”

Those who stormed the field face federal prosecution, according to Capitol Police.

“When the eight individuals attempted to protest at the stadium, our officers quickly intercepted them and made arrests,” the USCP said. I wrote to X“Eight people have been charged under federal law.”

Capitol Police said they were aware “some people may be planning protests” during the charity match and had a “comprehensive action plan” in place to ensure a swift response.

Congressional Baseball Game
Eight people were arrested by Capitol Police on Wednesday night for storming the stadium. Reuters

In 2017, House Majority Leader Steve Scalise (R-Louisiana) was shot by a left-wing extremist at the YMCA driving diamond in Alexandria, Virginia, the day before that year’s game.

Republicans have a three-game lead over Democrats in the series, 45-42-1.