Behar says teen MAGA supporters will be drafted under Trump

Daytime TV host Joy Behar told viewers that Donald Trump must not be re-elected or risk allowing Russian President Vladimir Putin to invade other parts of Europe. I warned you.

Behar and fellow ‘The View’ panelists weigh in on political commentator and comedian Jon Stewart’s return to TV, ‘The Daily Show’ host mocks President Biden’s abilities related to aging I was reacting to what I did.

Behar took offense to the joke, saying Trump is about the same age and only cares about “not going to jail.”

“All weekend I was ruminating about what he said about withdrawing from NATO. I don’t think people understand what that means,” he began, referring to President Trump’s comments. Trump said at the rally: won’t protect NATO member countries that have not met their defense spending targets.

The host then stated that if Trump carried out such a threat, Russia would soon invade other European countries, resulting in conscription into the United States.

“I saw this video of MAGA young people celebrating Trump. What do you think? You guys are of draft age. First the Russians go to Ukraine, then Crimea, then I want to go to Poland. What’s next? France, Germany, Italy? Do you think Americans won’t get into a war like that? That’s what I’m thinking about this guy. ”

Mr. Behar, who is the same age as President Biden, 81, referred to President Putin as Adolf Hitler and argued that he would follow in the footsteps of the Nazis in terms of military progress.

“I hate to bring up Hitler, but before Hitler came to power, he stubbed his little toe. And the British, the Americans…everyone wanted him. They appeased them, said he wouldn’t let things get any worse, and then ceded the Sudetenland to them,” and by the next they were invading Poland, occupying France, and hunting down Mussolini. [side]. This is what President Putin is trying to do.It is very urgent that we are not elected [Trump]. It’s not just about us. It’s not just an economic issue. It is about global geopolitical issues. ”

Organizers then took turns pointing out that they had family members drafted into the Vietnam War, and Behar said people “don’t know what it’s like” to send young men to war. It was as if he had forgotten. Operation Iraqi Freedomalso known as the 2003 invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan.

“Boys who are 13, 14, 15 years old are going to go. They’re going to be drafted again. I lived during the Vietnam War, and my husband is now fleeing the Vietnam War. “Those poor boys came back with defoliants…and people don’t know what it’s like to send boys into battle,” she concluded. I attached it.



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