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GOP punches a MAGA ticket, which Democrats are already smearing as ‘extreme’

In their 2024 presidential nomination, the Republican Party is throwing all its energy into the “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) movement, which has already been labeled by the Democrats as an “extremist” candidate. After months of speculation, Republican presidential candidate and former President Donald Trump has announced that he will nominate Senator J.D. Vance of […]

MAGA Memesters Immortalize Donald Trump Surviving Assassination Attempt

Saturday night’s assassination attempt on Donald Trump was a disturbing and historic moment in American politics, and supporters of the former president responded by posting memes praising his fighting spirit and satirizing the left’s hysterical hatred. Some of the most widely shared images of the night were: Already iconic A photo of Trump raising his […]

Will MAGA let Trump pull the party platform to the left?

While Donald Trump’s most ardent supporters are looking to the tycoon to Make America Great Again, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee seems to be on a mission to turn his most infamous initials into a statement that stands for “Make America Great Again.” Gay Also.” at that time Through repeated opinion polls In a sign […]

MAGA gays feel left out of LGBT movement

They’re here, they’re gay, and they’re not invited. LGBT conservatives who admire Trump say they are pursuing their own path after finding themselves alienated by an increasingly left-leaning gay rights movement. Mark Dorman, a former teacher from Hell’s Kitchen, said he was effectively blacklisted after making positive comments about the former president at a local […]

Schumer Bashes ‘MAGA SCOTUS’ After Historic Trump Immunity Decision

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-New York, on Monday blasted the so-called “MAGA SCOTUS” after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in former President Donald Trump’s favor in his Jan. 6 challenge to prosecutors. President Trump is being indicted in Washington, DC, by Special Counsel Jack Smith in connection with his actions when rioters stormed the […]

ROOKE: Gen X And Millennials Ditched ‘Hope And Change’ For MAGA In Just 16 years

When President Barack Obama burst onto the scene, he captured the attention of younger generations looking for the “Hope and Change” his campaign was promising. But after 16 years of introspection, the politics of Gen X and Millennial voters appear to be vastly different. Young voters have been part of the conglomerate who turn out to […]

Amber Rose, Forgiato Blow Release MAGA Rap Video Inspired by Vanilla Ice

Model Amber Rose stars in rapper Forgiato Blow’s new MAGA-themed music video, “Trump Trump Baby,” an ode to former President Donald Trump and a critique of Joe Biden’s disastrous presidency. The single is packed with uplifting one-liners, including “The Democrats are gonna take away your freedom and indict the president because they can’t beat him” […]

Model Amber Rose Goes Full MAGA to 3.5 Million Followers

Model and actress Amber Rose went full MAGA on her X Channel followers, doubling down on her support for former President Donald Trump. Rose shared a photo of herself wearing a MAGA hat and a gold necklace with a miniature bust of the former president. Take a look: Hello 🇺🇸 pic.twitter.com/g3SLY3W1n5 — Amber Rose (@DaRealAmberRose) […]

Margie’s Bakery’s MAGA Hat Cookies Led To Wave Of Criticism Online, Manager Says

The bakers at Margie’s Bakery & Deli in Wichita Falls, Texas discovered how triggering – and uniting – the phrase “Make America Great Again” is after making cookies decorated to look like “MAGA” hats. The MAGA hat cookies originated as a custom order, general manager and owner’s son-in-law Andrew Morrow told the Daily Caller on […]