Biden lashes out in national address at special counsel report detailing his memory lapses, then makes embarrassing mistake

President Joe Biden gave a national address Thursday to vent his anger over a special counsel report that revealed numerous misrememberings, but then made an embarrassing mistake.

Special Counsel Robert Hur said in his report that the president presented evidence of such impaired memory that it would be difficult to convince a jury that he committed intentional crimes related to document security.

Biden specifically focused on this account amid reports that he had forgotten the date of his son Beau Biden’s death. Then he also forgot the name of the saint he prayed to and just moved on.

In his speech, the president said: “I am aware that some of the wording in the report about my recollection of events has been worded with caution. There is even a statement that I do not remember when my son died.” Stated.

“How on earth could he say something like that?” he asked rhetorically.

“Frankly, when I was asked that question, I thought, ‘What’s their damn business?’ Let me tell you something, some of you have commented, but I… I swear, every day since the day he died, I will remember the rosary he received from our Lady…” he said, forgetting the saint’s name and moving on.

“Every Memorial Day, his friends, family and those who loved him come together to hold a service in his memory,” Biden said. “I don’t need anyone to remind me of when he died.”

Biden also threw his staffers under the bus, accusing them of finding documents in his possession. He also fired back at the special counsel, who called him a “sympathetic, well-meaning old man with a bad memory” in response to a reporter’s question.

Biden responded: “I have good intentions, I’m older, I know what I’m doing. I’m the one who got this country back on its feet. I don’t need his endorsement.”

Biden then spoke about the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border, continuing to confuse the leaders of Mexico and Egypt.

“Initially, Mexican President Sisi did not want to open the gates to allow humanitarian supplies to enter,” he said. “I talked to him and persuaded him to open the gate.”

The president’s critics seized on the mistake and further accused him of memory loss.

“My memory hasn’t gotten worse,” the 81-year-old insisted. “My memory is fine!”

The full address is:

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