Biden’s ‘Ironclad’ for Israel, He Had ‘Imprecision’ That Risks Strengthening Hamas

On Friday’s MSNBC broadcast of “The Katie Toole Report,” U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) said that President Joe Biden was “steadfast” in supporting Israel, but that “here we are… I think what we have is an issue of inaccuracy.” This is a message from the president. ” And the Biden administration should “privately express its concerns to Israel, as there remains room for misunderstanding.” And look, if you leave the impression that the rays of day could embolden Hamas, you risk emboldening Hamas and even risk making it less likely or even likely that the hostages, especially the American hostages, will be repatriated. there is. ”

Wasserman Schultz said, “I am proud that President Biden has steadfastly supported Israel during and after the October 7th attacks. He fought hard to secure additional provisions regarding the matter.” He provided $14.3 billion to Israel despite Republican obstacles, multiple Republican obstacles. But I think what we have here is an issue of inaccuracy in communication from the president. What he said the other day left an impression on me from his conversations with the White House over the past few days: [was] It was not at all what I expected. The president said the White House has told Israel that 2,000-pound and 500-pound dumb bombs, those that land and have widespread effects, are not appropriate for Israel’s planned engagements and engagements. Ta. And they are also looking for, but have not yet received, a plan to be able to evacuate civilians and provide as much security as possible to civilians. That communication should take place side by side with Israel, just as we can do it in private every day because of our close ties. We have such a close relationship with Israel that we can have these kinds of conversations behind closed doors, so this discussion should not be made public. ”

Guest host Jose Díaz-Balart then asked, “Congressman, do you think the debates and debates we’re seeing on Capitol Hill and on college campuses across the country about America’s engagement with Israel should change?” he asked. For example, I know you’re talking about miscommunication coming from the White House, but do you think it’s time to change the discussions and conversations that are happening primarily on Capitol Hill?”

Mr. Wasserman Schulz replied: And I don’t think the president thinks so – in fact, I’m sure he doesn’t even give any indication of changing U.S. support for Israel. The relationship between the United States and Israel is ironclad. The president has said that repeatedly, and we have a very close relationship, so it’s important that we make sure that we have this type of communication one-on-one, side-by-side, so that we can avoid arguments like this. It cannot be rolled out so publicly as it leaves room for misunderstanding. And look, if you leave the impression that the light of day could embolden Hamas, you risk emboldening Hamas, and you risk making it more likely or even less likely that the hostages, especially the American hostages, will be returned home. . We must remember that Hamas wants to sacrifice as many Palestinian lives as possible and wants to maximize the civilian casualties of this operation as part of a dastardly PR campaign. It won’t. That’s where it comes from. They don’t care about the loss of civilian life. And we need to be accurate in our communication and leave no possibility of misunderstandings about sunshine between us and Israel. ”

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