Biden’s Mental Incompetency Was Only Revealed to Give the FBI an Excuse Not to Prosecute Him

Special Counsel Robert Hur only revealed President Joe Biden’s mental incompetence to explain why he will not be prosecuted, Breitbart economics editor John Carney said. Said FOX Business host Larry Kudlow said in an interview Friday.

Kudlow led a panel discussion with Carney. national review Editor-in-Chief Rich Rowley and Forbes Media Chairman and Editor-in-Chief Steve Forbes discuss why Biden’s own Department of Justice (DOJ) included such damning information about Biden’s mental breakdown in the special counsel’s report. I talked about whether it was allowed.

Carney said the report found that Biden “intentionally retained and disclosed classified material after taking office as vice president as a civilian.” He argued that this was the only basis for not indicting Biden.

“The lawyers had to explain why they weren’t prosecuting him, because it’s clear he broke the law,” Carney said. “The special counsel believes he did it on purpose. They just believe that a jury looking at Joe Biden will say, ‘I don’t know.’ That person has no idea what’s going on. ” Therefore, we have no possibility of convicting him. So we can’t prosecute him because FBI guidelines say they don’t prosecute if they don’t think there’s a possibility. [conviction]”

“They believe he intentionally committed the crime,” he continued. “They don’t think they’ll get a conviction. That’s why they put it there.”

A photo from the HER press showing unsecured classified documents in Biden’s garage.Source: Department of Justice

Kudlow told the panel that some Democratic “bigwigs” may have encouraged Biden’s press conferences “behind the scenes” “knowing that he would make a fool of himself and that he would be squeezed.” He asked the committee for its opinion on what he called a “conspiracy theory.” Once the noose is around his neck, they’ll kick him out. ”

Here’s the theory, as Kudrow explained: “This whole thing is a conspiracy. The Democratic establishment wants to get rid of Joe Biden. That’s why they’re encouraging him to do all the crazy things he’s doing.”

Forbes magazine claimed there might be something to that theory, even suggesting that First Lady Jill Biden had something to do with her husband’s refusal to resign.

“Well, I wouldn’t be surprised if, as suggested here, people went up to Biden a few months ago and said, ‘You had a good first term. How are you doing? Get out while you can. They won’t be able to do anything to your son anymore because you’re out of the picture. And I’m the greatest progressive since Franklin Roosevelt. Just say yes and keep riding off into the sunset.” He didn’t do that. she It won’t do that. Jill Biden’s nickname in Washington is Mrs. Wilson, the wife of Woodrow Wilson, who ruled the country for a year and a half when she suffered a stroke. So she’s Mrs. Wilson. And I’m sure she said, “No, we’re going to get through this.” We’re going to get another term. ”

President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden walk on the South Lawn of the White House after arriving at Marine One in Washington, DC, on January 2, 2024. (Michael Reynolds/EPA/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

“I think one of the reasons why this report came out the way it did is why they didn’t edit it. Plan B to get the word out that this guy is incompetent. I think they thought, “I have to go.”” Forbes continued. “That’s why I don’t think he’ll be the Democratic nominee.”

national review Lowry argued that Democrats had already lost their chance to replace Biden and that even if they threw the nomination into an open convention, there would be no clear alternative to Biden.

“I don’t get it, because are you going to go to a public convention with this candidate Trump with two pistols staring at you?” Lowry asked. “Who is it going to be? Kamala Harris? Is it really better than Joe Biden? If not Kamala Harris, how are you going to leapfrog this African American woman?”

“If they wanted to get rid of him, I think they should have fielded a serious primary candidate against him. They didn’t do that. They just didn’t have the stomach to do it. And now I think they’re stuck,” Lowry concluded.

Kudlow said the “biggest winner” in all of this was former President Donald Trump, and that the Justice Department’s targeting of Trump’s handling of classified documents while absolving Biden was “double… He claimed that he had clarified the “standards” and “two-tier judicial system.” President Trump has vehemently criticized it.

“The fact remains that the Presidential Records Act says the president has the authority to declassify and remove as long as he keeps it,” Kudlow said. “and [Trump] I live in a fort. Mar-a-Lago is a Secret Service stronghold…or so I say. Have you been there? It’s not that easy to get in, and all those people know me! ”

Former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago mansion in Palm Beach, Florida, September 14, 2022. (Joe Radle/Getty Images)

Carney agreed, noting that as president, Trump has the ability to declassify documents in his possession. Biden, on the other hand, “knowingly retained” classified documents when he was only a senator and vice president.

“I read a report that indicated that President Ronald Reagan took things out of the White House,” Carney said. “But then again, Ronald Reagan was the president of the United States. He can declassify anything you want. Donald Trump took whatever he wanted out of the White House and moved to Mar-a-Lago. It could be placed in a secure location.”

“Joe Biden obtained these documents when he was a senator and vice president when he didn’t have the authority to do so,” he continued. “And, frankly, it’s strange that he kept these documents around. Why did he need them? Why was he keeping them? Sanity Why did he keep forgetting that all these documents were everywhere before he lost them? Now I understand that he is clearly incapacitated, but why did he retain his abilities? Was it there?”

“This report tells us that [that Biden]He deliberately pulled them back when he could have acted deliberately. Now he’s Mr. Wilson,” Carney explained.

“That’s President Trump’s campaign slogan! He’s the only candidate in this race who’s good enough to be indicted for a crime,” Lowry quipped.

Rebecca Mansour is a senior editor at Breitbart News. Follow her on X @Ramsour.



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