Blaze News original: Furious, fed-up commuters take matters into their own hands when leftist protesters block their way

Recent years have seen radical leftists increasingly regularly block traffic, especially during morning and evening rush hours.

Check out some of their exploits here, here, and here. In a final instance, pro-Palestinian protesters parked their cars on a major bridge in a coordinated manner to halt the movement of traffic. I threw my car keys into the water.. The stunt required a tow truck to remove his 29 cars from the bridge, causing significant delays before normal traffic flow resumed.

The video shows motorists grabbing and throwing away protesters’ signs and dragging leftists out of the lines that had formed across lanes of traffic, and one driver is seen wrestling a protester onto the bonnet of his car before slamming him onto the highway.

No, they are unlikely to win many allies for their cause among marginalized peoples.

One of their opponents is Democratic Party Pennsylvania Sen. John Fetterman, in a recent spate of off-handed remarks, said last month that “blocking bridges or reprimanding customers at Starbucks is not justice, it’s just disgusting.” That’s the guy,” he said.

In most cases, people whose lives and livelihoods are delayed and endangered by left-wing traffic disruptors simply stay in their cars and accept the hassle.

But there are limits.

The dozen examples below show what can happen when commuters get fed up with protesters’ interference and take matters into their own hands.

Los Angeles rush hour drivers aren’t in the mood to play, slamming pro-Palestinian protesters who blocked freeways

If the pro-Palestinian protesters who blocked traffic on the 110 Freeway in Los Angeles during rush hour last December thought they would make it home unscathed, they weren’t thinking clearly. In fact, an angry driver got out of his car and started assaulting the left winger. Video shows a motorist grabbing a demonstrator’s sign, throwing it away, and dragging the leftist out of the line across the lane. The footage also shows one of the drivers wrestling a protester over the bonnet of his car before slamming him onto the highway. Traffic was blocked for more than an hour. Police arrested 75 people.

A video that has gone viral shows a woman being confronted by climate change protesters blocking traffic and dragged by her hair off the road.

Last July, a video of a German woman dragging an environmental activist by her hair, who was blocking traffic, off the road went viral on social media. The protester, undeterred, sat back down in front of traffic, only to be dragged out a second time shortly after. Transport Minister Volker Vissing said the protesters, who are part of the last generation, were not engaging in environmental work but were “engaging in criminal activity.”

‘Extinction Rebellion’ protester stands on top of London train, slows down angry commuters before being dragged off train

No, it didn’t happen on the road. It didn’t happen in the US either. But don’t worry. Even in the UK, many people feel uncomfortable when left-wing protesters disrupt their commute. In October 2019, climate change activists from the radical Extinction Rebellion group climbed on top of London trains during rush hour, but commuters wouldn’t let them. Video shows a protester on the roof of a train at London Underground’s Canning Town station being grabbed by the legs and dragged off the train as commuters cheer. BBC News reported. Protesters appeared to be kicked and punched by the crowd who shouted abuse at them on the platform. The second protester was chased on the train by passengers and dragged off, the outlet said.

‘Fucking bastards’ who block traffic in the UK soon discover drivers have little patience for them

On an October morning in 2021, around 40 members of British Insulation held placards protesting the insulation of public housing in the UK, blocking traffic during rush hour at a crossroads near Dartford Crossing in London. did. But the drivers in front of them had jobs and things to do, real responsibilities, so those with money pulled the demonstrators off the road, tore up their signs, and disposed of them. Her mother was furious as she tried to send her 11-year-old son to school, while one man called the protesters “a bunch of scumbags.”

‘I’ll say it one last time!’ Fed up man gets out of car and physically removes protesters blocking road

Last July, a group called Just Stop Oil marched through the streets of London during rush hour “in the hope of disrupting traffic and the vital road network”. The Daily Mail said:calling its members “eco-fanatics.” The paper added that the group vowed at the time to “paralyze London” with a slow march ten times larger than previous ones to force the “murderous government” to abandon new oil and gas licenses in the country. Well, one man wasn’t going to let them march in front of the car he was riding in that easily. Video shows him confronting several protesters and physically moving them out of his way.

Look at how quickly protesters in Portugal banded together after being assaulted by drivers angry at them for blocking the road.

Angry drivers in Portugal took matters into their own hands last fall, getting out of their cars and physically dragging away climate change activists who were blocking a busy road. Sky News Australia reported.The paper added that those blocking cars were members of climate activist group Climaximo.

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