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Burgum defends using 'dictatorship' to describe Biden administration

North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum (Republican) repeated past comments he has made calling the Biden administration a “dictatorship.”

CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins on “State of the Union” pressed Burgum on why he called the Biden White House a “dictatorship,” pointing out that just because someone opposes Biden’s policies or executive orders doesn’t make it a dictatorship. Collins aired a clip of Burgum on CNN in which he said Biden was leading a “dictatorship.”

“Well, I think the term was coined in part because of the constant media attacks on President Trump that he might use executive orders once in office,” Burgum responded.

Collins added, “President Trump signed 220 executive orders during his time in office. President Biden has only signed 139 so far in the same time period.”

She also asked if Biden was calling a “democratically elected president a dictator,” to which he responded by pointing to a number of executive orders he has issued that suggest the president is ignoring other branches of government.

“So I think there’s a double standard here too. He’s bypassing the other two branches of government to impose his ideological views, whether it’s economic issues or climate extremism. He’s doing it without using the other branches,” he said.

A Harvard CAPS-Harris poll last year found that 56% of respondents at least somewhat agreed that Trump would behave like a dictator if re-elected. Trump has made comments suggesting he would behave like a dictator if re-elected president, but only on “day one.”

According to a memo released last month, the Biden campaign is seeking to use those past comments in debate preparations. A pro-Trump super PAC has sought to portray Biden as a dictator after comments made by the former president last year sparked backlash.

The Hill has reached out to the Biden campaign for comment.