Byron Donalds defends Trump’s remarks on Black voters: ‘This is something similar’

Rep. Byron Donald (R-Florida) on Sunday addressed allegations of racism after former President Trump said black voters were more likely to support former President Trump because of his criminal charges. He defended former President Trump.

President Trump said Friday at an event in South Carolina that black voters are likely to support him in the face of criminal charges because they too have been “so hurt and discriminated against.” The NAACP, Black leaders and the Biden campaign condemned the remarks as racist.

Donald told Kristen Welker on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday that the point was just “a portion” of what the former president said.

He said of the former president’s four criminal indictments that there was no evidence that Trump was being targeted for purely political reasons. It’s targeted persecution.” “This is similar to black people having to deal with the justice system themselves.”

The congressman, who is black, lashed out at the Biden campaign, which called President Trump’s comments racist, saying the campaign was trying to “play politics.”

Trump also dismissed the context of his comments on the eve of his South Carolina primary victory, saying, “I was just having fun.”

Trump’s four criminal indictments bring the total to 91 charges against the former president. The charges include allegations that President Trump mishandled classified information after leaving office, that he tried to hide hush money payments to porn stars, and that he illegally tried to steal his 2020 presidential election loss at the Georgia and federal level. There are suspicions that he tried to subvert the

Trump’s first criminal trial in the hush money case is scheduled to begin on March 25th. Trump was also found liable for defamation and fraud in two civil lawsuits in New York, resulting in millions of dollars in fines.

Donald is a key surrogate for Trump and is believed to be one of the finalists for Trump’s running mate.

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