California Dems vote to continue protecting illegal alien pedophiles with ‘sanctuary’ policies

California Assemblyman Bill Esselli, a Republican, forced a vote on his bill on Tuesday. Assembly Bill 2641The move would end “sanctuary state” protections for illegal aliens convicted of child sex crimes.

california Sanctuary policies are a threat to national authorities. From turning illegal immigrants over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents. With limited cooperation, ICE is forced to devote more of its resources to searching for and detaining illegal aliens who have committed additional crimes.

“They literally don’t care.”

Ezeiri proposed a motion Tuesday that would force California lawmakers to vote on whether to hear his proposed bill. Assembly Speaker Tempre Jim Wood (D) cut off Essairi’s microphone while he was announcing the motion.

“Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I will suspend the rules and invoke the California Constitution to repeal Assembly Bill 2641, which would eliminate sanctuary state protections for convicted illegal immigrant pedophiles,” Esselli said.

The speaker instructed Esairi to stop before cutting off the congressman’s microphone.

“You’ve not only made a motion, you’ve started a debate,” Wood told Esselli. “Committee members, Mr. Esselli is requesting to circumvent the joint rules and the committee deadline. This is a suspension of the joint rules, which requires 54 votes. There is no room for debate,” Wood explained.

The motion failed by a vote of 14 to 36.

In a statement after Tuesday’s vote, Essayri said: “Today we had the opportunity to repeal the National Sanctuary Policy, which protects undocumented immigrants convicted of sex crimes against minors, and we completely failed to do so.” I’m outraged,” he said. Pedophiles – I mean every single Democrat in that building refused to support them. ”

“They literally don’t care at all,” Esseri continued. “All the politicians here, all the Democrats, they don’t care about me or my family.”

Essari explained that the reason for forcing a vote on the motion was because “the Public Safety Committee refused to even hold a public hearing on the bill.”

“What we did today is the minority party mechanism. What we can do is suspend the rules and bring the bill to the floor,” he added.

If passed, the bill would require local law enforcement agencies to “detain and transport individuals for sex crimes against minors, and to coordinate with immigration authorities, including providing release information if convicted.” They will be required to cooperate.

“The Democrats don’t want the public to know they’re protecting pedophiles, that’s why they cut my microphone in the chamber! This is not democracy, this is tyranny,” Esselli said in a post on X.

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