Cartel Terrorist Throws Grenade near Border City School in Mexico

Gulf Cartel gunmen threw a grenade outside a school in the Mexican border city of Matamoros, Tamaulipas state, distracting authorities while one of their commanders tried to flee. The tactic failed and authorities arrested a local crime boss. The terrorist-style violence comes as Mexican authorities continue to insist that the border area of ​​cartel-controlled Tamaulipas state is safe.

The incident occurred in Matamoros on Thursday afternoon, when gunmen threw a grenade near a high school in the Culturas district, forcing authorities to evacuate. State police and the military rushed to the scene and established a security perimeter, then evacuated approximately 400 students from the school. The military was eventually called in to remove the unexploded grenade. Authorities later claimed the grenade was a replica.

The call about the grenade came as authorities were chasing the gunmen on the other side of town, indicating the grenade was an attempt to distract law enforcement.

The pursuit took place near the intersection of Gonzalez and Morelos streets near the city’s downtown, where the suspects got out of the car and attempted to hide in a public place. The pursuit appears to have been an attempt to capture key figures in the Escolpines faction of the Gulf Cartel.

After a short manhunt by federal and state authorities, authorities arrested Diego “Yeyo” “Escorpion 70” Salas, the regional leader in charge of all Rio Bravo operations.

The capture comes as the Escorpiones are engaged in a fierce turf war with another Gulf cartel faction called Los Metros, based in Reynosa. For more than a year, the two sides have fought for control of human trafficking routes into Texas, terrorizing the border region.

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