Chicago Man Accused of Attempted Murder Released, Attacks Again

A Chicago man accused of stabbing a stranger on Christmas was released by a judge, but then missed his attempted murder trial date because he was busy stabbing another woman.

Allen Ellenberg was indicted on Wednesday after a grand jury indicted him on seven felonies for allegedly pushing a man off his bicycle, “hitting him in the head with a hammer, and repeatedly stabbing him with a gun” in the Dec. 25 incident. He was scheduled to appear in court.Knife”, CWB Chicago report.

Instead of going to court, the 44-year-old returned to the street, stabbed the woman and threatened her boyfriend with a hammer, prosecutors said.

According to the paper, Ellenberg was not first arrested after the alleged attempt to kill the bicyclist, but five days after that attack in a separate incident in the village of Roscoe. It is said that it was done.

“A 49-year-old woman reported that she was sitting in her car in the 2300 block of West Belmont when a man began yelling at her, pulled out a knife and slashed one of her tires,” it said. Chicago Police Department (CPD) report.

Ellenburg then allegedly broke the woman’s rear window and fled, but the victim identified Ellenburg as her assailant and CPD was able to find and arrest him just minutes later. .

The man was charged with misdemeanor criminal damage to property, and Judge William Fahey released him the next day.

A grand jury indicted Ellenburg on January 17 on one count of attempted murder and six counts of aggravated assault, according to court records obtained by CWB Chicago. “However, he was never arrested on that charge and did not appear at his arraignment on January 31st.”

The outlet also detailed the events that led to the chaos that left Ellenburg free to commit more violent crimes.

The judge rescheduled the hearing for Feb. 14 and directed the court clerk to send Ellenburg a postcard with the new date.

Information is conflicting as to which judge issued the postcard order, but a handwritten note says Ellenburg was not informed of the Jan. 31 date because he was in custody on a misdemeanor charge at the time of the indictment. No law enforcement records were found to indicate Ellenburg was in custody at the time.

Mr. Ellenburg also did not appear at the postponed hearing.

Ehrenburg then allegedly carried out a second attack on a holiday. This time, it was around 11 a.m. on Valentine’s Day, two hours after he was scheduled to appear in court.

Prosecutors allege Ellenberg took the 28-year-old man’s skateboard and urged him to take it back as the couple passed him at a bus stop in the 2800 block of West Diversey.

Ellenburg allegedly escalated the situation by pulling out a hammer and knife and pretending to stab the 25-year-old woman, then cut her wallet instead.

Prosecutors said the woman then threw a cup at the suspect, prompting him to stab her, according to a detention motion obtained by CWB Chicago.

“The knife entered her chest, puncturing her right lung,” the newspaper reported. “Both victims ran to the gas station and called 911.”

CPD officers stopped Ellenburg nearby and said they found him in possession of “several knives.” Investigators later found surveillance footage showing Ellenburg discarding the hammer in a trash can, a search was conducted, and the hammer and three more knives were recovered from the trash can.

The arrest report states Ellenburg is affiliated with the Insane Duce street gang.

Prosecutors then charged him with attempted first-degree murder, attempted armed robbery, attempted robbery and aggravated assault resulting in serious bodily injury.

Ellenburg, who was eventually taken into custody at the request of the state, appeared in court on Friday and was also charged with attempted murder in December.



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