Civilian Deaths from Rafah Strike ‘Awful’ But Hamas Hides Behind Civilians, Kept Munitions There

On MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” broadcast Wednesday, Sen. John Fetterman (D-Pennsylvania) said that the Israeli attack on the Rafah tent camp that killed civilians was “terrible,” but that Hamas was hiding behind them and “there was a pile of munitions there that exploded. Hamas was hiding munitions there, which exacerbated the damage.”

Fetterman said the civilian deaths in the attacks were “terrible,” “heartbreaking” and “tragic,” but “there is a truth in this war, and that is Hamas. Hamas is a coward, and they’re hiding behind civilians. And now rumors are going around that there were piles of munitions that exploded. Hamas is hiding them there, and that’s just caused more damage. So if Hamas wanted peace, they could have made a cease-fire weeks ago, and if they were so concerned, they could have surrendered right now. But they’re just trying to hang on because they have no connection to the suffering of Palestinians. They don’t seem to care how many people die. But I think Israel is trying to minimize it, but it’s a very hard war to have to fight with Hamas hiding behind civilians.”

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