Cuomo Pushes Back On Sununu, Says Haley Has Been ‘Kissing The Ring’

NewsNation host Chris Cuomo fired back at New Hampshire Republican Governor Chris Sununu, saying Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley is “kissing the ring.”

Sununu appeared on “Cuomo” and spoke about her continued support for Haley, who is running against former President Donald Trump for the Republican nomination. During the interview, Cuomo asked New Hampshire about Haley’s comments. Tuesday At a press conference, she said there was no need to “kiss the ring” because she is still running despite currently trailing Trump in two Republican primaries. (Related: ‘People don’t like her’: CNN panel slams Nikki Haley after speech declaring she won’t drop out)

“Let me push back on her own premise of, ‘I didn’t kiss the ring.’ I think she did, and it’s one thing that she doesn’t do a lot of interviews — that’s her It’s also a decision that I don’t understand because I think she’s a good interviewer — but she keeps kissing the ring,” Cuomo said. “So how can she avoid angering her party base by not pursuing something that she would no doubt oppose if she were a Democrat, and by not kissing the ring?” Is it balanced?”

“I’m sorry, but how is she kissing the ring?” She shed tears over Trump last month and has absolutely brought out his record in every way possible,” Sununu pushed back.

“She’s been speaking more, but her approach to Mr. Trump has been thoughtful and sensitive,” Cuomo responded. “She doesn’t address Trump at all, even the way she treats the players on the debate stage. I thought that really helped differentiate her.” Do you really believe that Trump treats Trump the same way you treat him?”

“She doesn’t have to follow my way or anyone else’s way, but two things are important: How do you feel about how she’s run this race? She’s the last one standing. “So it’s not entirely fair to criticize her views on race.” Sununu said. “I think she really didn’t like it because we had a one-on-one fight last month, and I think President Trump is furious with her. I think he expects her party to bow down. ”

“And frankly, she hit me right in the head today,” Sununu continued. “Personally, none of the party leaders, senators and governors, all the people around President Trump, respect President Trump. None of them are confident that he will win in November.” I don’t think – they’re all afraid of him, but they’re weak. They’re weak and she’s strong, and she’s not going to bow down to it. That’s one of the things I like about her. One thing: She’s gritty, she’s tough, and she’s doing what Americans are supposed to do, which is fight to the end and not give up because other people say you should.”

New Hampshire governor pointed to former President Trump spending millions of dollars in “legal fees” and went on to claim that the Republican Party is “virtually bankrupt” with Trump “on top” .

Haley held a press conference vowing to remain in the 2024 Republican primary, despite trailing Trump by double digits in both Iowa and New Hampshire. Haley said she will continue to call out Trump “without fear” of Trump’s “retaliation” as she prepares for her third election, especially in her home state of South Carolina.

“Many of the same politicians who now openly support Mr. Trump are secretly afraid of Mr. Trump,” Haley told supporters. “They know what a disaster he has been and always will be for our party. They just can’t say it out loud.”

“Well, I’m not afraid to say the hard truths out loud. I don’t think you need to kiss the ring. And I’m not afraid of Trump’s retaliation. I don’t want anything from him. No,” Hayley continued. “I have no interest in my own political future.”

Hypothetical polls of the South Carolina Republican primary predict that Trump will win the state by a wide margin.Recent poll conducted by Suffolk University/USA TODAY Indicated Of the 500 voters surveyed, 63% said they would vote for Trump, giving the former president a roughly 28-point lead.



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